Meet the beautiful Carmel Margaritis. She’s the head designer and creator of Carmelina Bags and has made a living out of doing what she loves. As you read this, thousands of women all over Adelaide (and the world) are bowing down to her, thanking her for creating the perfect and most stylish baby bags! She’s a mumma bear to two gorgeous girls, the NBL 36ers Dance coach and a lover of fashion and style. She also has a special place in my heart because she also loves a bargain, like myself! BRING ON $9 shoes!


When you “have to have it” but can’t afford it

By Carmel MargaritIs So I was scrolling the Instagram feed not paying any attention to the movie I was watching when I then came across A picture of @rozalia_russian wearing an amazing denim jacket. I instantly became obsessed with it and had to have it. So, as you do I put everything on hold (even […] Read more…

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Rundle Street is going back in time!

By Hayley Pearson The ’70s are back – again! I was born in 1981, so I missed out on one of the coolest fashion decades in history, boo. But in 2016 it’s time to bring out your inner Bohemian beauty and strut your stuff down Rundle Street, where you’ll find the most amazing fashion this […] Read more…

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By Carmel MargaritIs “Do I really need it?” That one question that haunts us. Well of course we need it – we’re female! But how about you ask yourself instead, “How much wear will I get out if this?”. Value for money. One thing I love doing when I’m shopping is picking up an item […] Read more…

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 By Carmel MargaritIs – Carmelina Bags Long gone are the days when I would buy whatever I wanted without looking at the price tag. It use to be ALL ABOUT ME. Since having kids though, before I buy anything I have this constant conversation in my head convincing myself WHY I need it. But truth be told, I’ve learnt that you […] Read more…

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