Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson is a writer, TV and radio personality and the creative brain behind Adelady.com.au. After finishing a Journalism degree at Uni SA, Hayley spent twelve years behind the radio mic, interviewing some of the world’s biggest stars including Dave Grohl, Will Smith and Katy Perry. She is 1/3 of the Nova919 Brekky show, Lewis and Lowe with Hayley Pearson. Hayley is open, honest and says the things that most of us think but would never say. She’s a lover of her two kids, Austin and Alfie and her dreamy husband, Jimmy and has a weird obsession with the tv show, Survivor. When she’s not blogging (while balancing two kids on her lap), you might see her doing live TV crosses on The Project, Sunrise and The Morning Show.





By Hayley Pearson WEBSITE :: Karma and Crow WHERE :: 249 – 251 Richmond Road, Richmond SA 5033 PHONE :: (08) 8352 5104 Everyone goes on and on and ON about Karma and Crow. And now I’m one of those people… I promise to be brief, but if you haven’t been yet, you really DO […] Read more…

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By Hayley Pearson WHERE :: 46 Victoria Street, Robe, SA 5276 PHONE :: (08) 8768 2488 WEBSITE :: http://www.adventurousspoon.com.au The first thing I did when I arrived in Robe (before even unpacking the fam-bam’s suitcases) was ask a local, “where’s the BEST brekky in Robe”? And without hesitation, the lovely lady said “The Adventurous Spoon.” So, […] Read more…

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10 things you didn’t know you could do at National Pharmacies 

By Hayley Pearson How much does it suck hanging out in doctor’s waiting rooms for waaaay too long — just because you need a sick certificate, to prove you were sick? When you have a newborn wouldn’t it be the DREAM if you could just hire a Breast Pump, rather than forking out to buy one?! When you’re […] Read more…

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By Hayley Pearson There have been so many whispers about Lot Fourteen, the former Royal Adelaide Hospital site and what it might become… Will it be apartment living? Will it become a 5-star hotel? Are they going to bash it down and build a giant inflatable pool? Probs not! In amongst all the hoo-haa about […] Read more…

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The things I’ll remember most about my sons’ Childcare

By Hayley Pearson When my first son was born, I had a job where I had no option than to go back to work after seven weeks. SEVEN WEEKS! And yes, like a lot of new mums returning to work, I was riddled with anxiety. To the point that I’d find myself having panic attacks […] Read more…

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Winterfest at Our Port: 10 reasons you’ve got to go!

By Hayley Pearson Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… Winterfest at Our Port is BACK from July 6 to July 22! And it’s even bigger and more fun than last year! If you weren’t lucky enough to experience the magic of last year’s festival… then chuck on your skates and I’ll get […] Read more…

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Wonder vs Wisdom for a first-time Mumma

By Hayley Pearson Wonder vs Wisdom Are you a morbid mum? The kind of mum who worries over every little thing? The type whose brain always goes straight to the worst possible scenario? Join the club! Ever since I looked at that positive pregnancy test 7 years ago, my brain has gone into overtime, over-thinking […] Read more…

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We feel like FRAUDS

By Hayley Pearson Has anyone else been in the middle of a day’s work and suddenly thought to themselves, “I can’t believe people actually pay me for this — I feel like such a fraud!” We get that. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. But it wasn’t until we were part of a creative business retreat called “Illuminate“, […] Read more…

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YES to Delicia Acai + Protein Bar North Adelaide

By Hayley Pearson :: 74a Melbourne St, North Adelaide :: WEBSITE :: FACEBOOK If it wasn’t for us trying to be #FITSPO at Club Rhythm across the road, we may not have stumbled across this place! We were lured in by the smell of delicious coffee — but then fell in love with the place after tasting their […] Read more…

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Seafront Holiday House at Encounter Bay

By Hayley Pearson I’ve been holidaying in Victor since I was a fetus in my mum’s tummy — a LONG time! It’s my happy place. I thought I knew all the best views and places to stay in this magical seaside town. But clearly I was wrong! Hello, 20 Franklin Parade! Before I give you […] Read more…

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13 South Australian LUXURY accommodations

By Hayley Pearson We’ve been everywhere, man… Our fave part of our job is travelling throughout SA, finding the best and most luxurious accommodation! There are a million more places we’d like to stay — but these are all tried and tested by the Adelady team, so we can give them all the big tick […] Read more…

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GLAMPING at Scotts Creek Retreat

By Hayley Pearson Stop whatever you’re doing and take this in… Five words everyone needs to know about — Glamping at Scotts Creek Retreat. So picture this… Uninterrupted million dollar views of the beautiful Murray River, wetlands, treetops and bushland. Inside your “tent” is a designer rug, a King-sized bed, cushions galore, a fan, a […] Read more…

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Holiday Apartment in the Heart of Victor Harbor

By Hayley Pearson Victor Harbor is my happy place and I know I’m not alone. So if you’re like me — with a childhood full of Victor memories, then you’ll want to go back as an adult and make new ones! Let us tell you about this little gem… Right in the heart of Victor […] Read more…

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By Hayley Pearson Imagine waking up in paradise… You rise to the sound of small waves breaking onto the white sandy beach that’s directly outside your window. After a massive sleep-in, you (and your lover) make your way to a heavenly buffet brekky where you sip lattes and eat as much fresh fruit as you […] Read more…

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For parents who don’t have “grandparent” help

By Hayley Pearson Alfie and his “Pa” I remember being pregnant with my first son and unsolicited “advice” started coming at me from all directions. But one little tid-bit seemed to actually stick — and it was from a random mum I had a brief encounter with at a cafe. As she was colouring with […] Read more…

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By Hayley Pearson Port Lincoln is famous for shark diving and tuna swimming, so we did none of that! Instead, we created our own Adelady version of Port Lincoln. Amazing fashion shops, cellar doors, brand new award-winning restaurants, and of course we dived head first into the freshest Port Lincoln seafood. AND we got there […] Read more…

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By Hayley Pearson If you’re after a room with a view, right in the heart of Lincoln, then look no further! The Port Lincoln Hotel is 4-stars on the main street, boasting an incredible view of the bay and has everything you need for a fun-filled Port Lincoln holiday. It’s super comfortable and designed for […] Read more…

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5 restaurants and bars you MUST try at Marina Pier!

By Hayley Pearson When was the last time you wandered down the Marina Pier at Holdfast Shores for a bite to eat and a wet of the old whistle? If it’s been a while, allow us to help you re-discover and fall in love with it all over again. Because a lot has changed! For […] Read more…

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By Hayley Pearson Let us take you “down South”. Not in a rude kind of way — in a “let’s show you the best of the South Coast”, kind of way. Here’s our South Coast Itinerary. Everything we did on the show is right here and waiting for you to discover for yourselves. Enjoy! Luxury […] Read more…

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By Hayley Pearson We did Yorkes. And man it was AMAZING! Everything about it blew our minds – so, here’s exactly what we did when we arrived in paradise, aka South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula. BE A DECKIE FOR A DAY For those who love a bit of adventure, being a Deckie for a Day was […] Read more…

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Luxury Accommodation at 15 Boomer Drive

By Hayley Pearson The South Coast is not just about fish ‘n’ chips and 1970’s beach shacks. There are multi-million dollar beach front homes that none of us can afford to buy. But to rent is a whole other story! Welcome to my dream beach house. You’ll find it at 15 Boomer Drive, in Port […] Read more…

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Authenticity Health and Wellness Retreat

By Hayley Pearson So it turns out we don’t need to travel to Byron Bay for an Eat, Pray, Love-style retreat. There’s one right around the corner, in Port Elliot and it’s absolutely FABULOUS! Authenticity Health and Wellness Retreat was started by a guy (Gregory) who once upon a time, was stressed out of his […] Read more…

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A place to stay in Yorke Peninsula: Ballara Art + Lifestyle Retreat

By Hayley Pearson When you think of holiday houses in Yorkes, most of us imagine a caravan by the sea, or a beachside weatherboard shack. We thought that too… until we discovered Ballara Art and Lifestyle Retreat! Now, we think of something completely different and oh, so beautiful. Come with us as we walk inside this […] Read more…

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Adelady does Fiji: FULL ITINERARY

By Hayley Pearson BULA! I had to write this as soon as I landed back in SA while my post-holiday depression is still raw and while my heart is a flutter with 302 Fijian Islands. Fiji, I want to scream it from the roof tops – YOU HAVE OUR HEARTS! I cannot recommend holidaying in […] Read more…

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It’s the Little Moments that Matter

By Hayley Pearson Do your kids remember that time you made them laugh until milk ran out their nose? Or the afternoon you finally took the trainer-wheels off their bike — and they went head first into the bushes? Or that time you’d sing as a family, Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree ALL […] Read more…

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Waverley Estate – like Tuscany, right here in SA

By Hayley Pearson Tucked away behind a vineyard, around an olive grove and up a long white, stone driveway, you’ll find a hidden gem like nothing else in SA. Welcome to Waverley Estate. No, this 19th century castle-style retreat isn’t in the middle of Tuscany as it may look. It’s a 2-minute drive out of […] Read more…

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By Hayley Pearson It was my 10 year wedding anniversary and I tried to be all nostalgic and book a night in the same hotel that both we stumbled into, in my wedding dress (sans shoes), on our wedding night 10 years ago. I won’t tell you where, just in case it grosses you out […] Read more…

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Adelaide’s Art of Christmas Trail

By Hayley Pearson It’s SO Adelaide that around this time of year, parents flock to their cars and drive around finding the best Christmas light displays in SA. And sure, that never gets old. But we have a new and super fun trail in town for you this year! Allow me to introduce you to […] Read more…

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Hairy Maclary + her stubbly friend got lasered!

By Hayley Pearson Once upon a time there were two ladies. One always had stubble under her armpits and the other was so hairy that people would often mistake her for an Alpaca. She was cute — all hairy and stuff. But she was sick of untangling her matted legs, back and bum on the […] Read more…

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18 things Kmart addicts think when they walk into Kmart

By Hayley Pearson Is anyone else still waiting to be contacted by the marketing manager of Kmart and asked to be a Kmart tester? To all our fellow K.M addicts… I wrote this after another impromptu trip to Kmart on the weekend… 18 things Kmart addicts think when they walk into Kmart.   1. Far. Out. I […] Read more…

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What to wear this Adelaide festive season

By Hayley Pearson Being “style icons”, people often look to us for style advice… HA YEAH RIGHT! We don’t really know what we’re doing – ever! But what we do know, is what suits our bodwahs. And it appears that EVERYTHING this season is perfect – we want it all! So, for the tall, the […] Read more…

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A letter to the person who saved me

By Hayley Pearson I know I’m not the only one who’s been through something terrible and I know, sadly, it could happen to many an Adelady in the future. But, if you’re ever faced with a truly heartbreaking situation at the same time as having a baby, I hope my words help you in some small […] Read more…

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Welcome to the Adelady office

By Hayley Pearson Two and a half years ago, we sat at a cafe in Dulwich with a zany idea of creating a website, that shared the best of SA. Two and half years on, with a website and TV show, we are now opening the doors to 78 Edmund Street, Unley. WELCOME TO OUR […] Read more…

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Why Fijians are the HAPPIEST people in the World

By Hayley Pearson Happiness is something we ALL want to find and grab onto with both hands. But sometimes, life gets in the way and all the stresses of just being an adult means our happiness takes a back-row seat. So, we googled “Where are the happiest people in the world?” And what popped up? […] Read more…

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I’ve always dreamed about an adult playground, where I can play and slip and slide and laugh. And now, all my childhood dreams have come true! It’s here and it’s FREAKING AMAZING! Please all stand for — RIDICULOUS PLAYGROUND! Presented by ROC Race and the same team that brings you The Colour Run, Ridiculous Playground is the […] Read more…

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By Hayley Pearson I’m just going to cut straight to the chase. Marion Holiday Park is AWESOME. You would have driven past the big MARION HOLIDAY PARK sign a million times on your way to Westfield Marion but if you’re like me, you’ve never been inside. It’s only 20 minutes out of the city and seriously, once you’re there, it’s […] Read more…

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Best Accommodation in Hahndorf for every kind of Adelady

By Hayley Pearson The winner of the best region in AUSTRALIA goes too…(insert drum roll) THE ADELAIDE HILLS! Boom, cheers for that, Produce Awards! The Adelaide Hills are truly beautiful. And, a big reason why? Hahndorf! I bet you’ve visited Hahndorf a thousand times but never stayed the night. Am I right? Good news for you, Hahndorf Accommodation […] Read more…

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By Hayley Pearson Finally… Holiday Inn Express, welcome to Adelaide! Here are 10 reasons why you’ll love it! 1. It’s so close to EVERYTHING. Bars, cafes, the new riverbank precinct, Rundle Mall,  Adelaide Oval and The Festival Theatre — it’s in the heart of our CBD. This means, it’s perfect for the corporate traveller, the mad […] Read more…

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39 reasons why Adelaide is the best place on the planet

By Hayley Pearson Adelaide is the best place on the planet. Sure, it isn’t overflowing with high-rise buildings, but within, are hundreds of teeny tiny hidden gems that make it so wondrous. We have some of the most spectacular countryside, rolling vines and crowd-free beaches in the world — but we’re not cocky about it.  We just sit […] Read more…

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2 years ago we didn’t have jobs

By Hayley Pearson Right now,  we’re at the hairdressers. Hair covered in layers of foils, and cape on — like a super hero. The lovely hairdresser just said to me, “How lucky are you, you get to do your dream job?” So it got me thinking… We aren’t lucky. You see, flash back two years […] Read more…

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SA weekend getaway accommodation ideas

 By Hayley Pearson We’ve spent the last eight months travelling around our beautiful state, bed-hopping (in a non-sexual kind of way), to find some of our fave SA weekend accommodation picks. Here’s what we found: RENMARK :: 6 Star, The Frames Luxury Accommodation Website :: luxuryaccommodationsouthaustralia.com.au Our review :: 10-reasons-to-visit-the-frames-luxury-accommodation Or Wilkedene Woolshed Brewery Houseboats Website :: aboverenmark.com.au/micro_brewery CLARE […] Read more…

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The email that stood out to us like dog’s balls

By Hayley Pearson Once upon a time… we met Laura. Isn’t it weird when you meet someone as an adult and even though you’ve only known them a short time, that person feels like “home”? That’s what Laura is. She’s an old (really OLD) “school friend” that we’ve only just met. We get lots of emails […] Read more…

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10 reasons to visit Langhorne Creek

By Hayley Pearson  Just 50 minutes up the Freeway in Viv the Volvo and you’ll find yourself in stunning wine country —  Langhorne Creek. Look around and you could be anywhere in the world, but you’re not, you’re just around the corner. If you’ve never been, why the hell not? It’s awesome!  So, whack on […] Read more…

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10 reasons to visit The Frames Luxury Accommodation

By Hayley Pearson Excuse me while I get out my mega-phone and yell from the roof tops, HOW AMAZING IS THE FRAMES! It’s a shame there are so many other great things to do and explore in the Riverland because you won’t actually want to leave your retreat – ever! You’ll have to make a return […] Read more…

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To my baby, about to start school

By Hayley Pearson Dear Austin You probably won’t remember this day in your life, but I sure will. You’re about to start school. Like ACTUAL school! I have butterflies going crazy in my stomach for you right now. I’m jittery with excitement — but also sick with nerves for you. But I won’t tell you […] Read more…

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I stopped my son’s swimming lessons and my heart sank

By Hayley Pearson My son could confidently swim (doggy paddle) the length of a backyard swimming pool before he was three. By the time he was four, he wouldn’t even leave the steps at the shallow end. Austin started swimming lessons at 13 months and bloody loved it for the first year. To see your baby […] Read more…

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My $8 shoes were the BEST thing to happen to our business

By Hayley Pearson Let me tell you about these shoes: They only cost me $8 and look like something a four-year-old would wear. But, they give me joy and they’ve been one of the best things to happen to our business. That’s right, these shoes have made Adelady bigger and better than we had ever imagined! How? We’d […] Read more…

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What it’s like being the sister of an addict

By Hayley Pearson Today, I am officially older than my big brother.  Ryan was 34 when he passed away, 5 years ago this November. If my family hadn’t gone through this, I would never have thought that a healthy looking 34-year-old man could die from being an alcoholic. I still can’t believe it happened. With so many […] Read more…

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Perfect Girl’s Day out on King William Road

By Hayley Pearson It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, whether you’re married or single or undecided – every Adelady needs a girl’s day out every now and then! Ain’t nobody got time to drive all over Adelaide from cafe to wine bar to fashion strip trying to create the perfect day. We […] Read more…

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By Hayley Pearson Victor, you saucy minx. I’ve holidayed at Victor Harbor a thousand times but never REALLY experienced some of its ultimate delights. With RAA’s SA Holiday Experiences so you can explore Victor Harbor in style!  We hopped in Viv the Volvo and headed down south for one BIG adventure! Here’s our Itinerary for the Adelady […] Read more…

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