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Yoga is for every single body! I can’t say this enough.

A life wish of mine is to help as many people as possible understand this, because no matter how your body is built or what you’re feeling, yoga is the perfect solution and the list of things yoga can help with is endless — for example, adrenal fatigue.

Image credit :: David Solm

Adrenal fatigue can impact things like how difficult it is to get up in the morning even after a good sleep, or getting a second wind late at night, weight gain, inability to cope with stress and caffeine, sugar or salt cravings. Sound familiar?

Ok, so what is adrenal fatigue?

Our adrenals are two little glands that sit on top of our kidneys and are responsible for regulating a lot of things in the body, including our response to stress.

When we’re in a state of stress, like say…oh, 2020 – 2022, these guys send the messages to activate our fight or flight response. They increase our heart rate and blood pressure as well as regulate metabolism, digestion and immunity. It’s a handy little tool to have when we’re in a threatening situation.

The problem is, most of us, are living in a constant state of stress which we weren’t designed for. This means that whenever we’re working late at the office or stressing about interest rates, our adrenals are right their working over time with us and eventually (which unfortunately was probably years ago) these little guys have gone into adrenal fatigue.

It’s all good though, I got you.

Five poses to help with adrenal fatigue…

:: Easy pose (or a comfortable seat) and mindful breathing ::

Breathing in, 2, 3, 4…, breathing out, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Making the exhale longer than the inhale is important to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and calm the body.

Photo credit :: Patrick Malleret

:: Legs up the wall pose ::

Put a pillow, block or rolled up blanket against the wall then scooch your bum up onto it and pull your legs up however is comfortable. Nobody looks graceful doing this but don’t worry, the effort is worth it. Having your feet higher than your heart will reduce your heart rate so try and stay here for 5-20 mins to feel that calming sensation throughout your body. This is great to do right before bed to help with sleep too.

:: Seated twist ::

This gentle twist is great for the spine but it also promotes healthy digestion by massaging the internal organs. Pair this with conscious, calm breathing to get that relaxation experience — your adrenal glands will thank you for it.

Photo credit :: Dane Wetton

:: Reclined abdomen twist ::

The reclined abdomen twist improves organ functioning by flushing fresh oxygenated blood around the body upon releasing the pose. Try and take at least five long calming breathes on each side and look the opposite way to the knee if it feels ok in your neck.

Photo credit :: Logan Weaver

:: Wide legged childs pose ::

This pose creates a gentle elongation of the spine and stretches out across the back where the adrenals sit. The gentle compression of the stomach and internal organs and hip opening also has a calming effect on the body.  If you have a big pillow handy you can also consider practicing this pose over the top of it for additional support and relaxation.

It’s amazing how much better you’ll feel after a few simple yoga moves. Give it a try.

Torz x

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