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Once upon a time, mornings for mamas were balls — and then, an Ugly Swan came to save the day!

For less stress, no tears and tidy tots in the mornings, the superior brushes from Ugly Swan are a game changer. With families in mind, three local ladies, Marissa, Annette and Marisa, created a brush to rival all others — one that glides effortlessly through the knottiest of knots without evoking so much as a whimper.

“Our own experiences getting kids ready sparked it all — we didn’t want our families to start the day with yelling and screaming anymore, and we knew it didn’t have to be like that,” says Marissa.

Detangle this mangle

So, what separates an Ugly Swan brush from the rest of the bevy? They’re particularly great for people with sensory issues and they’re even recognised by the NDIS. “Synthetic bristles in the average brush rip the hair. Our exclusive design has dual bristles made from natural fibres, so there’s no pulling or tugging. It’s gentle, even on the most sensitive of scalps — it’s truly scream-free and even dubious dads will be confident using one!”

Ugly Swan’s Scream-FreeTM hair detangler brushes come in two sizes… Scream-FreeTM Palm Hair Brush: Palm Flexi – Fitting snugly in the palm of your hand, this baby is perfect for toddlers who want to be in control or for chucking in your handbag or schoolbag. And for every mum who’s battled to get the perfect bun or high pony sans bumps, say hello to your new BFF.

Scream-FreeTM Maxi Brush – For everyday brushing of long, curly, fine or thick hair, the Maxi is the bee’s knees. And if you want one of each or multiple brushes for the fam, they come in handy packs, too.

Not just for kids

There’s no excluding the big kids! While originally designed with smaller folks in mind, they can be used for all ages. “Our brushes are popular with girls, boys, men and women. Many women find their hair is affected by hormonal changes as they age, and our brushes can prevent split ends and breakage as well as stimulating your scalp to naturally produce oils that condition the hair. It can also mean less washing, as these oils naturally clean and prevent dandruff,” Marissa explains.

When it comes to cost, an Ugly Swan purchase is worth every cent. “You can spend money on expensive shampoos, conditioners and serums, but if you’re using a synthetic brush, you could be undoing any good you’ve done and end up damaging your hair every day,” says Marissa.

“We’ve had parents in tears telling us what a huge difference one little thing has made to their daily routine,” says Marissa. Jump online to also check out Ugly Swan’s Unicorn Hair Towel Wraps, which give you a fast, gentle way to dry hair without friction. Even better, get 10% off all online purchases when you use the code ADELADY before 30 May 2022.


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