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2022 is all about balance, natural therapies and dosing up on what’s good for the soul. Luckily here in South Australia we have plenty of that “good stuff”! You can jump over here for an flurry of ideas but here’s one we prepared earlier…

The “ying” in the Barossa Valley is it’s food and wine and the “yang” is it’s wellness. Together they go hand-in-hand and we have just the place for you to indulge in the yang!

Barossa Wellness offers transformational health and wellness retreats, health programs, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and incredible experiences. At their gorgeous space on Murray Street in Tanunda, you can fully immerse yourself in their wellness menu… every day of the week! 

But to me, the jewel in their crown is that they also offer the most incredible bespoke wellness retreats, designed for you!

So here’s the deal: they team up with Barossa locals (yes, they’re a talented bunch) to bring you everything you could possibly want to help you switch off. You simply tell them what you’re after and they work with various locals to curate a personalised wellness retreat. 

For example, your brief may be…

+ you want to stay in luxury accommodation

+ you want to enjoy relaxation and a little exercise

+ wine is very important

+ food is very important and you’d like to eat like a Queen with your nearest and dearest

Then, with your brief in mind, the Barossa Wellness team work their magic and create your dream staycation. 

You’ll spend the night at Brockenchack with your besties, you’ll experience yoga and mediation on top of a hill over looking the gorgeous Eden Valley. You’ll get a personal remedial message therapist visit you in your room and give you exactly what the doctor ordered and then you’ll feast on a banquet made by Vintage Chef Co. Then, because you don’t want to leave your luxurious accommodation, Vintage Chef Co. leaves her amazing take home meals in the fridge for you to eat as you wish. 

How does that sound? Sounds like a bloody good plan to me! 

These women know what women want and everything they do is done with warmth and with heart. 

Now, when are we leaving?



Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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