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This may be difficult to write because there are delicious baked goods involved and we typically try to avoid drooling over our keyboards.

There’s too much to say when it comes to Banana Boogie Bakery, but if we had to break it down into two points, the first would be, vanilla slice; and the second would be, they’re expanding!

The Banana Boogie story started long ago, before your favourite award-winning vanilla slices were a thing. Noticing a gap in the banana bread market, owners Kelly and Jason perfected their recipe and commenced trade at Brighton High School and the Marion Sunday Markets. The banana bread was a bonanza! Kelly and Jason soon found themselves buying Bruce’s Traditional Belair Bakery back in June 2015 and turning it into the Banana Boogie we know and love today.

Photo :: Wayne Pearson 

Vanilla slice

The humble vanilla slice may be the reason you know about Banana Boogie. There’s a science as to why it’s such a crowd-pleasing favourite. You may be aware of their ‘loaded’ vanilla slice, too. Causing locals (and not-so-locals) to bang down the Banana barricades early on a Saturday morning in search of the choc mint, Mars, Twix, Cherry Ripe, Turkish Delight, Mint Slice or Toblerone loaded vanilla slices. The flavours change every Saturday!

It’s a weekly exclusive and if you’re keen for one of these masterpieces, you’ll want to get in quick. It’s not rare for these creations to be MIA by about 9.30am. The best way to discover what’s on offer is to keep a close eye on their Instagram.

Photo :: Wayne Pearson 

There’s more to the story

Did you know there are over fifty freshly baked, mouth-watering sweets, treats and savoury pastries on offer? Kelly and Jason certainly got our tummies rumbling when they told us about their gold award-winning pies like the pepper steak, as well as the ever popular chicken and leek. We’re hungry just thinking about them.

Kelly and Jason aren’t afraid to experiment in the kitchen — just try their next-level chocolate, chorizo and venison pie to know how passionate these guys are about giving Adelaidians a total flavour overload. The evolution of the Banana Boogie baked goods is present on their salivating socials, as well as in-store surprise and delights that are not to be missed.

Photo :: Wayne Pearson 

It’s a family affair

With 24 years of baking experience, it’s a passion, a hobby, a career and a family experience for Kelly and Jason. Their 12-year-old daughter, Maggie, is often the star of the show on Instagram and is referred to as ‘The Boss’. Like her parents, Maggie has baking in her blood, growing up sleeping on bags of flour while her devoted parents worked tirelessly to create one of Adelaide’s most cherished bakeries. It’s paid off for the family, too. With a list of awards into the hundreds, our beloved Banana Boogie has a firm place in our regular cravings.

Photo :: Wayne Pearson 

The new Banana Boogie

Banana Boogie lovers travel far and wide for their award-winning pastries and sweets. Our neighbours did a huge detour past Belair especially for Banana Boogie when they came over for breakfast one morning.

Banana Boogie’s new and second location in North Plympton provides a hugely convenient spot for those bakery-lovers in the south, west and CBD. The bakery is such an institution, we’re confident people will be stopping off for a dozen of their vanilla slices en-route to the airport to share with their interstate friends and family, or as the first pit stop when returning home. You can find the brand new Banana Boogie at 5/44-52 Hawson Avenue, North Plympton.

Lauren xx


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