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We can shop ‘til we drop, but if your wardrobe’s overflowing and you constantly have ‘nothing to wear’, you need to know about Nat Tucker.

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She’s all about buying less, stressing less and living more — and Nat’s ready to help you smash it out of the park. Globally known for her colour theories, Nat is a Personal and Interior Stylist, and Online Course Creator. And while most stylists have thousands of colour combinations, Nat’s true to her word about simplicity, with only four. And boy, do they get results!

“We’re all guilty of buying something that looks good on a mannequin, is from a particular store or we get fixated on sizes,” Nat explains. “So many of us buy more and more, thinking extra options will improve our look, but the key is learning what works for you so you can feel confident in yourself.”

What’s on offer

Just like a BFF who’s keen to see you slay, Nat offers bucketloads of free style tips, including everything from how to buy the perfect blazer, pick the right hat, best lipstick, boots, sandals, handbag and bra colour to which prints work, what goes together and, our fave, how to pack a suitcase without taking the kitchen sink!

Her four mood boards offer a streamlined way to assemble outfits and homewares that work; and The Boss Program gives you a foolproof system for shopping smarter, getting dressed faster, and feeling more fabulous than ever.

More than personal

Nat’s also recently launched her interiors program so you can work the magic of her colour theories in your home, plus she’s collaborated with Megan Potter Cosmetics and developed four makeup collections which contain colours perfect for you.

“I love empowering women who then teach these skills to their partners and families, too. By creating systems that make it easy for you to understand and implement a style that works for you, I’m proud to be lifting people up so they have the confidence to go for that promotion, start that new relationship, enjoy the space they’re in, and hold their head high each day.”

And it’s not just about shopping, as Nat explains. “I’ll teach you to pare back your wardrobe to what really works, help you with op shopping or buy, sell, swap groups. It’s definitely a case of the simpler the better.”

Excessive wardrobes, beware! Nat’s coming for you and only the fittest will survive.

Em xx


Em Worthington

Em Worthington

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