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If you’ve ever read the expression ‘seize the day’, it wouldn’t have had a picture of Catriona Spalding next to it…

But, once you meet the co-creator of this Australian food phenomenon, DoughBalls Pizza, you’d argue it probably should! Cat’s a go-getter. When we took our boys into DoughBalls for lunch during the school holidays, she greeted us warmly, while running an already busy Glenelg restaurant full of parents and their very, VERY happy kids.

Picture :: Wayne Pearson

Most people struggle to remember somebody’s name while shaking their hand, yet Cat easily held a conversation with the four of us, while she kept an eye on her teams in the kitchen and out on the floor. And not just the kitchen and floor of the Glenelg restaurant… DoughBalls recently opened in Mawson Lakes and Cat somehow has the energy to watch that one, too. Did I mention she’s Mum to toddler, Maddison, and new bub, Ronan? Yep, to say that Cat loves a challenge is a massive understatement!

DoughBalls is going gangbusters and has been ever since Cat and her husband, Lincoln, an Adelaide-born musician, launched in Glenelg in February 2020. In a year when the world virtually stopped, they continued to build on their dream, which began all the way back in the UK. They met while working on a cruise ship, where their different backgrounds in hospitality and customer service helped to shape a seed of an idea. For most, maternity leave is reserved for navigating the turbulent waters of becoming new parents. But when Maddison was born, they put an incredible business plan into action! They had their idea. They just needed the perfect place to roll it out: Adelaide.

Picture :: Wayne Pearson

Their licensed restaurant in Glenelg was the ideal place to launch, as it captured hungry families out for a day at the beach. The very popular DoughBalls rolled on outside of summer and so did their menu, which expanded to include brunch and after-school treats. Demand during the cooler months and, of course, COVID-19, led to a natural progression to home delivery of their dinners and desserts. Then came their Mawson Lakes restaurant, as one DoughBalls just wasn’t enough for the city of churches!

Picture :: Wayne Pearson

Cat and Lincoln’s dream has always revolved around feeding families. And not just to open any old restaurant; but one that offers value for money and exceptional table service for busy parents who can’t spend all night waiting with restless kids. Their solution: feed kids quickly and let them make a mess! DoughBalls Glenelg is a vibrant place that welcomes families into colourful booths resembling little beach huts. Whereas Mawson Lakes features a spectacular mural by local artist, Nicky Create. The menu is stacked, colourful, delicious and designed to cater to even the fussiest of eaters. Both of our kids fall into that category, as they have their preferences and won’t back down an inch. We didn’t need to worry, because Cat’s team had it covered. Adult-sized margherita pizza for one and a kids’ Napolitana pasta for the other. The only fight that broke out was over Austin not giving Alfie a slice of his pizza — the food is just. Too. Good!

Luckily for Alfie, DoughBalls specialises in brunch, lunch, dinner AND his favourite… desserts. Let me reel off a few of their DoughBalls Desserts to get your tastebuds firing: Jam Doughnut, Strawberries and Cream, Tiramisu, French Toast, Lamington, Gaytime, Snowballs and Snowballs GRANDE. They also do more traditional desserts like Chocolate Brownie, Sorbet, New York Cheesecake and every coffee lover’s favourite, Affogato. Or, for those who love an Italian calzone and would eat them every meal of every day, DoughBalls has got you covered for dessert — Nutella and Strawberry Calzone or their brand-new Rocky Road Calzone!

Picture :: Wayne Pearson

If you’ve been to DoughBalls and thought the winter menu was good, just have a look at their new menu for the warmer months — it’s next-level! Try Tropical Pina Colada DoughBalls with fresh mango, coconut, pineapple salsa, coconut sorbet and passionfruit coulis. Or the savoury Fiery Chicken Pizza, BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza and Sloppy Joe DoughBalls. This is just the tip of the DoughBall, as they run other seasonal specials, including a Christmas Dinner Pizza and their Snag Pizza, which is Aussie A.F!

But Cat and Lincoln aren’t stopping there — they have more BIG plans in the works, so stay tuned. For now, you can dine in or take away from DoughBalls in Glenelg and their brand-new restaurant at Mawson Lakes. Or enjoy DoughBalls pizza and desserts delivered to your door via Uber Eats and Menulog.


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