This Inspirational Adelady / journalist is helping young girls and women around the world to find their feet and be the best possible version of themselves.

After experiencing depression as a teenager, Alison Barrett started a mission to help young women improve their mental well-being and build confidence and self-esteem. And so, Girlspo+ was born.


Girlspo+ is a global online platform for young women and girls to gain access to tools, strategies and digital guides to enhance their mental well-being. I wish this was around when I was growing up!

They currently provide a 30 day health and well-being program that looks at a range of psychological factors that influence girls’ health habits, including confidence, beliefs, dieting mentalities, mindfulness, stress and relationships. [pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]“We’re a bridge between girls having no support and clinical support,” she says.[/pullquote]

It’s not surprising that a large amount of her guides are bought by mums of teenage girls. I’ve got two boys under four and am already terrified of what’s to come during their teenage years and how I can protect them and build them up at the same time.


The Girlspo+ tribe is now 20k strong and growing every week. Girlspo+ has over 20 brand ambassadors, is backed by local and international investors, has employed over 10 staff and contractors in the last 6 months and aims to inspire over 100,000 girls worldwide.

Enough said, this is why this passionate dame is this week’s Inspirational Adelady! Alison is also super in love with our beautiful city, “I’ve travelled to many places in the world, and Adelaide is one of the happiest places to live,” she says.

So, here are her 7 fave places to find your happy in Adelaide.

Hayley xx


Henley Beach

What better way to calm your farm than to head down south to the beautiful Henley Beach. A great place for a walk, a coffee or just to get away from the chaos of the daily grind. Whilst this place is packed in summer, filled with families and beach goers, head down and watch the rain or listen to the thunder and the lightening, you won’t regret it! Taking time out for yourself helps you recharge your batteries, leaving you ready to face the next challenge.

13076557_1782850068610247_1949546677637524931_nImage credit: Visit Henley Beach

Pure Boutique Coffee Bar

Pure Boutique Coffee Bar is a triple threat. Great food, greater service and greatest coffee going around. Any time of day, rain or shine, this place is guaranteed to be a hit. Whether you are enjoying your own company or with some friends or family this spot is bound to help you get some much needed time out and girly gossip sessions. Spending time with your friends is free therapy (or the cost of a coffee!). Find a corner, order coffee, chat, enjoy.

1455842_583128525093858_26889482_nImage credit: Pure Boutique Coffee Bar

Morialta Conservation Park

Would you check out that view. Right on your doorstep. Just 10 minutes out of the city, head east and find yourself at the gateway to hectares of untouched, Aussie outback inspired stunningness. If you want to walk, walk. If you want to run, run. But this place is seriously beautiful anytime of year. What better way to find some quiet time with a walk around one of the most underrated places in Adelaide. Forget Lofty, find Morialta.


The Market Shed on Holland

Healthy food = healthy mind. Are you after a foodie experience? Want to just get out and eat a whole heap of great food that’s not only tasty, but good for you? With a range of organic, healthy, fresh food everywhere, a Sunday morning visit to the Market Shed will provide just the inspiration you need to cook up a nutritious storm that’s Instagram-foodie-worthy.


Adelaide Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are the perfect combination of beauty and relaxation. Take your own lunch, grab a coffee and have a picnic under the wise and delicious fig trees. A little bit of fresh air is just what you need to get the happy hormones going. It’s guaranteed to take your mind off any problem…at least for an hour or two. It doesn’t hurt to step back from a situation or a problem when you need to find clarity. Take a break, then get back to it.


Himeji Gardens

Looking for something that just screams relaxed and happy? These Japanese styled gardens situated in the south parklands deliver the perfect mix of tranquillity and peace. You’ll find everything from a lake to a place to gather your thoughts. Treat yourself and sneak away for some alone time and a bit of feng shui.


Clarity Massage and Wellness

Who doesn’t love a good rub down? Clarity Massage and Wellness are based in the heart of North Adelaide on Melbourne street, it’s also surrounded by gorgeous coffee nooks and gourmet food shops. Winning. Treating yourself makes you feel special. Let someone else do the work for you and feel fresh after.


Finding a little “you” time can be harder than you think but once you’re there, it’s all you. If you want to find some other ways to find your happy, think better and develop some inner zen, check out Girlspo+ HERE.

It’s now stocked in the following SA bookstores too.

:: ReadEBook Rundle Mall, Ingle Farm, Hollywood Plaza, Munno Para
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:: Dillons Norwood
:: Booked at North Adelaide
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Hayley Pearson

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