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Pop into our office any day of the week and you’ll be greeted with some extra-special four-legged lovin’! We’re so into our doggos (mildly obsessed) and with eight between us, there’s a LOT of puppy loving going on in Unley.

We always want to know how best to look after these furry family members, so when we heard about Lyka, we were all over it! This awesome Australian company makes sure you’re giving your doggo the greatest chance at a happy and healthy life, with their nutrient-dense food that’s specially made using wholefoods, with recipes formulated by their in-house vet, Dr. Matthew Muir.

Here’s why puppers and their hoomans are doing a little jig for Lyka

What is Lyka?

Well, Lyka is the name of the gorgeous pup of Founder Anna Podolsky! Just like us, Anna is in love with her dog and when Lyka was unwell a few years back, Anna decided to do something about it by making her fresh, homemade meals. “I notice a change in my body when I follow a healthy diet with lots of fresh plant and animal foods. It made sense that Lyka would feel the same,” says Anna.

And it made one heck of a difference, with Lyka’s health rapidly improving within weeks! So, Anna and Lyka got some top experts on board and decided to share their secret recipes with us all.

Eat up!

If someone knew the way to give your pup a longer, healthier life, you’d love to know… right? Well, when great minds come together, magic happens and Lyka has done just that by combining the expertise of leading holistic vets and a veterinary nutritionist.

So many people are moving away from processed foods and opting for wholefoods, given they’re so much better for us, it makes sense that we would want the same for our fur babies. Lyka combines as many local ingredients as possible in their specially created recipes.

They pack the nutrients by using wholefoods that are only lightly cooked, rather than any high-temp processing, so your dog can absorb as much natural goodness as possible. The result? Just like in humans, eating wholefoods has a huge range of benefits and can lead to your doggo having healthier teeth and coat, better behaviour and improved digestion, just to name a few. Plus, just like when we avoid fizzy drinks and processed foods, there’s no sugar spike from wholefoods like there may be from kibble, so your dog’s energy levels will stay put on a more even keel. We love that sort of predictability!

Get what you pay for

We wouldn’t chow down on something without knowing what it was, so why would we expect our babies to do the same? Everything that goes into Lyka’s products is clearly spelled out on their website and you can be sure there’s no hidden nasties, no fillers (which are designed to just fill up your dog without having any benefit to them) and their single-protein options help to eliminate the risk of allergies.

There’s a reason kibble can be so cheap, but by feeding your loved one these carefully created, tasty wholefoods, you’re looking after them from the inside-out!  

Tailor made

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach with Lyka. Each of their recipes are pre-portioned to suit the weight, breed, lifestyle and activity levels of your pup so you can be sure they’re getting the essential nutrients and you’re feeding them the correct amount.

The big picture

Not only is the Lyka team big on the health of your pupper, they care about Mother Earth. All their packaging can be recycled in both your normal recycling and RedCycle bins. And their woolpack can even be reused — some customers have used it in their worm farms!

Jump on the love train for your beloved doggos right now. Lyka is offering a huge 30 percent off when you use the code ADELADY30 on all online orders placed before 6 November 2022*, so there’s never been a better time to switch it up.

Check out their website to give your beautiful baby dawg what they deserve… and while you’re at it, give your good boy or girl a big ol’ squish from us!

Em xx


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Always make your own assessment and speak to your vet to decide what is suitable for your pet’s needs.

* Offer includes 30 percent off your first box (for new customers only) before 6 November 2022. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. 

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