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Saving the planet just got easier with the eco experts at Ecolateral.

We all know that we have some serious making up to do when it comes to our beautiful planet. We’ve let Mother Nature down — but that’s where the Ecolateral Stores come in.

Image credit: Wayne Pearson

Ecolateral is Australia’s longest running retailer specifically devoted to supplying customers with high quality, eco-friendly and sustainable products. If there’s a single-use product on the market, Ecolateral works tirelessly to source a sustainable solution to fill the gap.

CEO Jamie Stott and her team have recognised that with no quick fix waiting around the corner, we all need to make choices that will benefit our planet.

“We want to help educate and inspire people about the importance of living more sustainable lives and then equip them with the tools and resources to do so. And we’ve been doing it for a long time.”

Starting the enviro-fight 27 years ago, Ecolateral has now grown to four stores in Blackwood, Magill, Brighton and their new city store on Charles Street. Each store stocks alternative solutions to items that we use every day — and the range is enormous! Covering everything from cleaning products to party supplies, slow fashion, personal care products and so much more, you’ll quickly realise there’s no reason for us to use disposable products.

Does it tick the boxes?

If you’re just jumping on the eco- friendly bandwagon, it can be overwhelming to work out which products to trust. Ecolateral does the hard work for you by putting every item through their criteria… Is it sustainably sourced? Is it ethically made? Does it have zero-waste packaging? Can it be easily recycled? The list goes on, and ensures that anything you buy comes with eco-approval.

As Jamie explains, “We match products to the criteria wherever possible. For instance, Onya produce bags are made from plastic, but that plastic is from recycled drink bottles. They are reusable, recyclable, replace single-use plastic produce bags and are packaged in recycled cardboard packaging. So they fit the bill!”

Five steps to becoming an eco-warrior

Assuming you’re already using keep-cups, refillable water bottles and reusable shopping bags (all no-brainers!) here are Jamie’s next recommended steps:

1. Use reusable produce bags.

2. Refill household cleaning product containers instead of buying new ones each time.

3. Swap toxic, chemical-filled beauty products for natural, plastic-free options.

4. Use reusable period undies, cups or pads.

5. Invest in reusable stainless steel laundry pegs.


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