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Not a gym person? Neither! But join the crew from High Intensity Team Training in Glynde and you’ll be smashing their invigorating workouts!

If you shudder at the idea of pretending to know what you’re doing in a gym, you need to check out this training group. A collaboration between Michael Viscariello, Clarence Liu and Marco Pagliarulo, this kick-ass gang welcomes you with open arms for 45 minutes that will get your blood pumping and the endorphins buzzing! Forget worrying about whether you’re fit enough or look the part, because this team specialises in group training and helping every member soar.

Juggling work, two little ones, and not a heck of a lot of time to work on my fitness, I want real results in a short amount of time, so I joined the HITT crew to see what all the fuss was about. Here’s what I uncovered…

No I in team

There were no ‘first day of school’ nerves for me, no-siree! I exhaled when I rocked up to the Glynde warehouse to see different ages, abilities and a whole bunch of smiling faces. They run crack-of-dawn classes for all the early birds who want to start their day with a zing, and afternoon sessions to blow off the steam from a busy day.

They got you, boo

There are always a couple of trainers on hand to run the class and to help you through the moves so you can concentrate on your technique. I was lucky enough to have the little energizer bunny, Signe, by my side to keep me motivated, make sure I didn’t pull a hammy or knock myself out on the rowing machine… oh, and to remind me to breathe!

Sir Mix-a-Lot

No class is ever the same! Find your groove with circuit training, strength, Olympic-bar training, boxing classes and Tabata — the trainers all put their own spin on each class and push you in different ways, so you won’t get bored or lose focus. Fast as lightning When you break up sessions into little bitesized chunks around a circuit, time flies! All you need to do is turn up, be ready to move and let the trainers guide you through the most energising 45 minutes of your day.

To infinity and beyond

Apart from dynamic training that will have you feeling energised, the HITT team offers super-motivating eight-week challenges, which include a training plan and dietary requirements to get you on the road to rapid change. It’s an education in what works for you and YOUR body — and it gets results! Check the website for their next blitz. Plus, they tailor it to your lifestyle, habits, commitments and what you like, so it’s sustainable long after the challenge finishes. Boom!

Em xx


Em Worthington

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