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Kindness is always cool and the guys behind Forage Supply Co. are as cool as cucumbers.

With so much needing to be ‘fixed’ in the world, it can be hard to know where to start. Forage Supply Co. jumped in five years ago to start restoring balance to Mother Nature and their community.

Picture :: Kane Chenoweth

Headed up by local lads Scott Rogasch and Justin Westhoff, Forage Supply Co. gives you everyday ways to be more sustainable, and they walk the walk themselves. Their Forage Food Van serves up natural, unprocessed wholefoods; they have a wine brand; a small clothing range; and the boys establish community gardens with local schools and buy the produce from the students to use for catering.

Picture :: George Graetz

But the good vibes don’t stop there! Scott and Justin have changed the lives of many South Australians facing homelessness through food deliveries, donations and a sustainable housing project under their sister company, Forage Built.

“Housing won’t solve homelessness — community will,” Scott explains. “Forage Built brings together a network — builders, support programs and services, meaningful employment opportunities, volunteers and more — to help break the devastating cycle of homelessness.

“We’ve partnered with Studio Nine Architects and Frame Creative to build a small community of pods where people doing it tough can store their belongings and sleep safely while we get them the support they need. It’s a stepping stone to gain employment, get into the rental market and regain a sense of dignity and self-worth.”

The transportable pods will be housed on unutilised land and can be easily moved to another vacant block as needed. Scott and Justin are working with not-for-profits, such as Hutt St Centre, to ensure that each person inhabiting a pod has the support and resources they need, including an on-site support person.

Picture :: Elliot Grafton

Through Hutt St Centre, Forage Supply Co. has donated over 3,500 meals and new clothing, employed those in need to label their wines and connected others with opportunities in hospitality, retail and agriculture.

“Wherever someone is in their healing process, it’s about helping them find things they’re passionate about, connecting them with those industries and ensuring they have ongoing support to continue building on those foundations,” Scott says.

Having launched a prototype pod, the Forage Built team is continuing to fund the program through partnered activities. “Most of our work with Forage Supply Co. gets reinvested into this program, but we’ve also been generously supported through our networks. The Yalumba team is donating proceeds of a specially-created Grenache, called Homefullness; we have a two-year partnership with Tasting Australia and Hutt St Centre; and Merrick Watts recently held an online Grapes of Mirth event, which included a tasting of our wines.”

Picture :: Elliot Grafton

The next step is getting the first community of pods up and running, and you can jump onto their website to show your support. There’s no doubt that this crew of good eggs is having a huge impact on our community and planet. And we love that kind of cool.


Em Worthington

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