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They’re our family members and BFFs — doggos deserve only the best!

We spend so much time thinking about what we put into our bodies, it makes sense to really consider what we’re feeding our furry friends — and Urban Pet Food is all-over-red-rover it!

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There’s no need to gamble with the health of your bestie. For the past 30 years, these local legends have been making premium quality pet food using local ingredients at their Edwardstown warehouse. To pack in as much nutrition as possible, the food is cooked slowly, air dried at a low temperature, contains no preservatives and is so good that (even though you prolly wouldn’t) humans could safely eat it.

Tanya Maher has worked here for over 10 years and loves giving people a top- shelf choice for their loved ones. “I’ve had two dogs and have only fed them this food because I know what goes into it. I’m confident my fur baby is getting the best nutrition possible and it all gets gobbled up in no time,” she laughs.

Formulated by nutritionists, the biologically appropriate raw food contains added protein, seasonal fruit and veggies, and things like yoghurt to make up a balanced diet for your four-legged friends. “We offer different ranges for each breed and have products that are suitable for most dogs and some cats. One of our most popular is our signature product, the Ancestral Recipe, which is basically a muesli for dogs. We always recommend chatting to your vet about your pet’s diet first, but then we can run through great options to suit.”

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There are nom-noms for every budget, including treats for training adorable pups to spoiling sleepy old bears. And even better, Urban Pet Food offers free delivery* right to your doorstep Australia wide. And they’re right behind some incredible charities that provide a chance at life and a forever home for thousands of abandoned dogs and cats every year. Ohh, our hearts!

Sure, it can be convenient to grab a bag of whatever from the supermarket, but it makes so much sense to us to support local and most importantly, invest in the health and wellbeing of our most faithful companions. There really isn’t another soul who will love you so wholly and unconditionally — and to us, that love is worth its weight in gold.

*Delivery conditions apply.


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