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Imagine how different the Mona Lisa would look with defined eyebrows! These little face-framers can take you from resting-b-face to sunshine-and-roses in a heartbeat — so why leave it to chance?

The Eyebrow Studio takes out the guesswork and with six stores including Glenelg, O’Halloran Hill, Mawson Lakes, Unley, Gawler and Payneham, their magic is only a phone call away. Plus, they offer a full range of beauty services — brow lamination, lash lifts, ear piercing, spray tans, body waxing, men’s waxing, epidermal levelling, teeth whitening — and they love helping you look and feel your best! Founder of The Eyebrow Studio Amanda Bennie gave us the lowdown on brow town…

Photo :: Wayne Pearson

What’s the secret to perfect brows?

There’s no set textbook when correcting and creating each individual’s perfect brows — we consider how much hair you’ve got to work with, your age, bone structure and face shape. For example, if your eyebrows are below your eyebrow bone, you’ll look like you’re frowning; or if you’ve got a petite face, you don’t want them too big or they’ll take over your face. It’s all about the big picture.

Biggest brow myth?

It’s a long-told tale that you need to line up the inner part of your eyebrow with your nose. Just like the faces they’re on, all noses are different! We start with a full consultation to discuss your overall face shape and what will look balanced, as well as age and personal style.

Does age play a part?

Absolutely! Younger girls tend to go for a fuller yet defined look, so we get the best shape by taking the least amount out. Older women often go for a softer shape that’s not too thick and we suggest a gentle tint to cover their greys or thinning brows, so they walk out of the studio feeling amazing.

Photo :: Wayne Pearson 

Waxing or threading — what’s better?

It’s bollocks that threading gives a better shape than waxing — it’s the person behind the method that will give you the best shape! We use two types of wax — hard for sensitive or older skin, for people using acne cream or if they go really red. Or, a stronger strip wax if your skin is suitable. If you have super sensitive skin or you’re on heavy medication like Roaccutane, then threading is best.

Apart from shape, what’s important?

Once we’ve nailed the shape, we can perfect your brows with…

Tint – Great for grey or light brows, it’s gentle and gives a natural look.

Lamination – Perms are cool (when it comes to brows). This technique creates voluminous, full, feathery brows that are defined, yet natural looking.

Brow stain – For brows with less hair or definition, this stains your skin and fills in the gaps. It’s stronger than a tint but not as strong as a henna.

Henna – A longer-lasting way to fill in gaps and create the ultimate shape, henna stains your skin for up to two weeks and tints your hair for up to five weeks.

Micro blading – Aka semi-permanent tattoo. Wake up ready to roll every day — after your first and perfecting session, it’s normally just a touch up once a year. Brow Magic – This quality award-winning pencil is an easy way to perfect your brows at home. We show you how to do it perfectly, every time.

Photo :: Wayne Pearson

How long do these treatments last?

It all depends on whether your skin is oily or dry, your colouring and your face regime. We run through all your aftercare so you can get the max out of any of these treatments.

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