We all know selling a house isn’t a walk in the park — it’s stressful, emotional and there are always things you forget to do in the lead up. Lauren and I have sold, bought and moved more times than we’d like to count and have made all the newbie mistakes. Competition is high in the real estate market so we asked our friends at CENTURY 21 to share some of their favourite tips and tricks to freshen up your home and stand out from the crowd.


Start off with a spring clean by getting rid of anything unwanted. This not only gets you ready to pack everything up and makes for a smoother transition into your new house, but helps your current house look clean, clear and minimal. Remove and store any furniture that doesn’t need to be in the room to make it appear larger, and give any inspectors a blank canvas of what they can do to their potential new home. CENTURY 21’s secret tip is to remove half your clothes from wardrobes so snoopy inspectors will think they are huge!

De-home it!

It sounds similar to decluttering, but removing any personal items such as photos, awards, trophies and anything else that makes your house a home makes a place look bigger and better to potential buyers. They can envision their new life in your house with their own personal items. A few personal touches like lighting candles, having a few cushions out and keeping plants around can make a house seem cosy and inviting without the clutter that every day life can bring.

Pets be gone!

We love our furry friends but when you are trying to sell your home it’s better to have a family member or friend babysit them for a while. It’s not pretty seeing a kitty litter tray or a food bowl in the laundry when you want the best version of your house to be seen.

Fix some things but not everything!

It’s great to do a few easy fixes around your house to make it look presentable and all in working order, but if you are doing drastic projects such as staining an outside deck or painting walls it can leave a lingering smell and feel like you are trying to cover up something.

Revitalising your home will allow it to become a blank canvas that someone new can individualise and make their own.

Good luck with the future move, and if you need any more tips or a hand at making the best of your moving or selling experience the team at CENTURY 21 can help you out.


Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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