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I went to school with some pretty amazing and super-talented women. I get really patriotic when anyone asks the usual ‘Adelaide’ question, “What school did you go to?” and it’s because I bloody loved my school! The thing I loved about it (apart from the tuck shop and meeting my best friends) was that they encouraged us to follow our dreams and excel in whatever career path we were most passionate about. At Walford, it wasn’t about pushing you into careers because they sounded good – our teachers wanted us to shine in whatever path we chose. 

And so many of my Walford friends have gone on to kick some serious butt. Here are a couple of super-talented Inspirational Adeladies I’m proud to say I sat next to in class or stood behind in the tuck shop line…

PIA NOWLAND :: Shoe designer for little feet


Pia Nowland is an Adelaide shoe designer and the brains behind Lapito — a footwear brand for dapper little feet. The name “Lapito” is a combination of her name and her two siblings, Lara and Toby. It symbolises family, first steps and childhood memories.



After leaving Walford, Pia travelled the world to chase her dream of becoming a shoe designer. In 2011, she gave up her career as a journalist and moved to Italy to complete a shoe design course at Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design. Eager to learn more, Pia graduated in a custom-made footwear course at TAFE SA. You can’t help but get clucky when looking at her gorgeous designs!

MEGAN GILES :: Looking after all our mums


This particular Adelady’s face makes me happy. Not just because it’s full of life and warmth, but because we go back a LONG, LONG way together. Her name is Megan and she is a freaking rockstar. Not literally, I stood next to her in school choir and I’m pretty sure she can’t sing — but she’s a rockstar in life.

Megan Giles is all about helping and supporting women – our mums in particular. She has created a business, Retirement Designer for Women, that supports women approaching retirement to successfully transition and create a lifestyle that keeps them connected and, most importantly, relevant!

I know when my mum first retired, she felt lost. I imagine that for our parents, retiring could be exciting, but also very difficult — you’re no longer ‘needed’ like you have been for the best part of your life. Emails stop rolling in. Your routine stops. And weekdays all start rolling into one.

Megan’s job is to jump in before these feelings pop up and help to action a dream list. She enables women to take steps straight away (not wait until retirement!) to establish a lifestyle that is fulfilling, meaningful and lights them up each day.

“As women, we rarely take the time to invest in our own number one asset – ourselves, so I offer structured, action-focused one-on-one coaching tailored to each individual’s circumstances.” Megan says.


I love this girl. She has the best heart and is so incredibly smart that you’ll always feel comfortable in her capable hands. Most of our readers have parents who are approaching retirement, so if you think they might need some help or tips, give ol’ Meggsie a call.

Follow Megan on Facebook (and suggest your mum follows her too).


CLAIRE COLLECTED :: Inspiring us through her amazing colour bomb photos

walfordImage credit: Claire Collected

Claire is an Adelaide mum to 3 amazing bubbas — Ed, Lilly and Ruby and wife to a wonderful, broad-shouldered man she calls Roo. Her photos and blog reflect her favourite things: family, gorgeous interiors, fashion and party inspo.

Each photo is like a summer fruit salad — sweet, bright and colourful. You’ll be inspired by her photos and probably get room-envy too. I want EVERYTHING she has!

Her blog is so real, genuine and full of personality. The girl can write! 

If you’re looking for home or fashion inspo to make you smile, check her out online:


walfordImage credit: Claire Collected

ROSEY HUME :: creating not 1 but 2 awesome cafes

Rosey started one of my fave brekky spots in Adelaide, Rosey’s on Unley Road.

Rosey’s is a delicious cafe and also happens to be my regular hang out with my Walford besties. Rosey has now opened another and equally delicious cafe in Aldinga, which is super popular with everyone down south!

She’s an amazingly talented business owner and also makes a mean big brekky! Pop in for a cuppa one day…

Follow Rosey’s online:


RoseysImage credit: Rosey’s

LUCY BONNIN :: Incredible Artist 


Lucy Bonnin graduated from Walford in 2004 and was clearly the fave art student at Walford! She is now an award-winning and incredibly talented South Australian artist. After leaving school, Lucy was awarded a scholarship to attend the Adelaide Central School of Art, where she was able to study with established artists and develop her own artistic talent.

Lucy’s work is off-the-charts amazing! And she’s coloured our Adelaide streets with her unique surrealism. She’s continually experimenting and pushing limits in different mediums. What a star!

Follow Lucy on social:



Who did you go to school with? I’m pretty proud I get to say I walked the same hallways as these Inspirational Adeladies.

Hayley xx

Visit Walford Anglican School For Girls online HERE.

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Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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    I went to Norwood Morialta, and one of my friends has gone on to be an actress! She’s on Bupa adds every now and then, she does theatre, TV, movies and all sorts of things!

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