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A delicious low-alcohol gin? Say Hey Low to your new favourite drink.

We love an icy cocktail — but what we don’t love is the headache and foggy feeling that follows. Turns out SA locals Felishia and Len weren’t big fans of the after-booze blues either, which led them to create Hey Low Spirits.

Image credit: Wayne Pearson

“Len and I met at a distilling workshop in 2019 and were talking about how great it would be to make gin for a living. But we needed a point of difference, and we wanted our brand to really stand for something,” says Felishia.

With less than a handful of low-alcohol spirits available — and none distilled in Australia at that stage — Felishia and Len found their niche: an all natural, low-alcohol botanical spirit.

Hey Low Spirits are gluten-free, sugar- free, vegan-friendly, contain no nasty ingredients and they’re just a teeny-tiny 18 calories per serve — so it’s a drink that will have your body thanking you, not cursing you the next day. Packing a punch with passionfruit and plenty of citrus, each sip carries a light and bright taste and won’t drag you down with a hangover.

Quickly gaining an adoring fan base with conscious consumers, Hey Low Spirits can already be found behind the bar in some of our fave establishments like Good Gilbert, BRKLYN and Hains & Co. If you don’t feel like putting on your party pants just to grab a drink, you can also buy a bottle of Hey Low online or in selected bottle shops around SA and enjoy a cocktail at home, just the way you like it.

With an aim to also support a happy planet, all packaging is recyclable and sent out in biodegradable satchels. They really do it all!

How is it possible?

Distilled right here in Adelaide and boasting 75 percent less alcohol than your average gin, Hey Low offers gin lovers an opportunity to moderate their alcohol intake, without any of the FOMO.

“The process behind distilling a low-alcohol product is quite different to a normal gin, as you need to compensate for the lack of alcohol in the product. We use triple the amount of botanicals that you’d find in a normal gin so that the full flavour really shines through. We still predominantly use juniper as that’s the base of our spirit, but we also use lemon myrtle and mandarin peel to give it that citrusy zing,” explains Felishia.


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