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Big-breasted women should have the confidence to wear bathers without popping out all over the place.

Our French big boob expert, Alexandra Lingerie, specialises in personalised bra fittings for women with big boobs. And exciting news — this gorgeous lingerie shop now extends to swimwear!

Image credit: Elliott Thompson

“Bathers have always fitted my body but not my boobs. If I bought bathers according to my dress size, my breasts would be popping out everywhere. But if I went up a size to fit my 8Js, then my bathers would fall off me — I couldn’t win,” says owner Alexandra. So, in her Adelaide Arcade store, she decided to stock a swimwear range that fits just like a bra, keeping everything in.

Her bathers are beautiful and give women the confidence to flock to the beach — and there’s a style for every Adelady. “We offer one-piece bathers, tankinis and bikinis ranging from an 8 to 20, and D to J-cups — whatever you feel most amazing in.” Whether you’re an apple, a pear, an hourglass or a string bean, you’ll find bathers to suit your body type.

And we all know you can’t buy bathers like you can a t-shirt — you need to be fitted properly. “As a curvy chick, I know exactly how it feels to be weighed down by an ill-fitting bra. Back pain, shoulder pain and headaches — no, thank you! It still blows my mind that some women haven’t had a proper bra fitting since they were sixteen.”

Image credit: Elliott Thompson

Alexandra prides herself on her personalised fitting service where you’ll walk away wearing the correct fitting bra for your body type 100 percent of the time. It also helps that she’s super warm, honest and supportive, just like the bras she sells!

Going up a size

Exciting news for Alexandra. “We’re expanding by moving to a double store with more space, more stock and bigger fitting rooms!” But they’re still located in Adelaide Arcade, because Alexandra wouldn’t have it any other way. “Adelaide Arcade is gorgeous with all its history and ambience, and my neighbours are so lovely. We all look after each other and promote each other’s businesses — I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

She gets it

“As a woman with an 8J bra size, I had so much trouble finding bras that fit well and made me feel great. I completed my professional fitting training in one of France’s top lingerie boutiques and still struggled to find options for my size. What young woman would be happy facing a lifetime of wearing granny bras every day? Not me! So, at just 23, I set out to change the industry and the lives of thousands of women with it.”

Bounce less

Your large breasts shouldn’t stop you from exercising. But at the same time, you don’t want to get knocked out by your bazookas hitting you in the face when you run. Alexandra stocks Panache Sport, a sportswear brand that reduces 80 percent of the bounce. “These sports bras are designed to help beat the bounce so your boobs don’t get damaged, and to flatter, keeping them in and up. It’s life changing for bigger-boobed women.”

Image credit: Elliott Thompson


Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

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