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Houses only get one chance to make a first impression.

Without that street appeal, dinner guests could judge you and potential buyers might not even look inside. If you’re looking to sell your home or wanting to inject a bit of long-term love into it, there’s a guy who can help make it happen.

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Stewart Fincher is a soil expert who understands how to create lasting impressions from the ground up. His landscaping business, Wild Finch co., specialises in outdoor renos, property maintenance and getting homes ready for sale. It began when he renovated his own home and yard on a very short timeline and strict budget. He also had a full-time job AND a pregnant wife at the time. The job nearly killed him… and so did she! He created Wild Finch co. to save homeowners the pain they went through.

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Stewy knows what buyers look for. He also knows that sellers want their outdoor areas ready — FAST! He maximises outdoor spaces by re-planning paving areas, elevating garden beds and laying the right turf. A patchy lawn filled with weeds doesn’t leave a good lasting impression. It’s just something for the new owners to fix and fight about.

“Lawns need the appropriate food, sunlight, weed control and watering at the right times of the day to avoid fungal disease,” says Stewy. Some are soft underfoot and others hardier for kids playing cricket, or dogs doing what they do best. If you’re selling and your lawns are struggling, he’ll recommend cost-effective types that are easy to train. If you’re staying or building a new home, he’ll look at your preferred lawn types, irrigation, pets and surrounding trees.

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Stewy breaks down the brief with a simple equation: Are you selling, or are you trying to get the most out of your home? If you’re selling, he’ll help you put emotions to the side and only suggest ways to maximise your sale price. “Painting and pressure cleaning can make it look brand new,” he says. He also recommends recycled materials to keep costs down and always ensures new work complements the rest of the home. Stewy says, “Brick colour, timber and grass types should match. You can even find three-dollar bricks for 30 cents each on Facebook Marketplace!”

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A good first impression will get them to the door, but a strong lasting impression will make them want to buy it. Stewy Fincher from Wild Finch co. has the expertise and building contacts to help yours sell!

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