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There’s something idyllic about a school that’s filled with kids who are genuinely happy to be there — and that’s the exact vibe you’ll find at Scotch College.

There are a million things to consider when you’re sussing out the best education for your babies. What’s the curriculum like? Are the teachers kind? Are the school grounds welcoming? Scotch ticks all the boxes with an emphasis on academia, development and wellbeing for kids from ELC right through to the junior and senior schools.

Photo :: Kate Potter 

The junior school is a perfectly balanced space for Reception to Year 6 students, filled with signature learning experiences matched to each age and stage of schooling — for example, students in Year 5 take part in a Shark Tank style program, learning the skills of innovation and problem solving.

Scotch also boasts a strong focus on wellbeing through the Live Well program from Year 5 to Year 9, where students focus on kindness; building a sense of global awareness and responsibility; enhancing physical wellbeing; building core values; developing skills to support nutrition and food technology; along with engagement in sustainability and agriculture.

Photo :: Kate Potter

At Scotch, it’s not just about being ready for the future, but adapting to succeed in the ‘right now’. They ensure that every child is not only engaged in their learning, but also empowered, confident, connected and adaptable — something that all students have needed during the wild year of 2020.

But who are we to tell you? The best way to work out whether it’s the right fit for your family is to hear from existing parents, teachers and students. So, here’s the unedited truth about the Scotch College Junior School — straight from the horse’s mouth.

Photo :: Kate Potter 

Kingsley – student, age 8
“I love the reading corner because you can get nice and quiet. My favourite specialist lesson is PE. You get to do fun stuff like dodgeball and prison ball.”

Monty – student, age 11
“Everyone’s friendly and really caring and really nice. It’s a great place to be. It’s a great learning environment.”

Lucy – student, age 6
“I like playing on the playground because I get to swing on the monkey bars with Tilly and Olivia, and I play tricks on the monkey bars.”

Photo :: Kate Potter 

Samuel – student, age 7
“I love the maths. We’ve got the daily maths challenge and it is pretty exciting to do it every morning.”

Sylvie – student, age 10
“I like that you can easily make friends here. There are really nice teachers here too. There are really nice grounds.”

David Pace – Specialist Science Teacher
“I like the fact that it’s got a creek running right through the centre of it, unlike any other school that I know of.”

Photo :: Kate Potter

Emma – student, age 5
“I like the playground and I also like playing with my friends.”

Helen Worthington – Year 5 Teacher and parent
“We have amazing students and staff who really encourage individuals to reach their potential with creative and exciting learning opportunities. It’s a supportive community with a strong focus on student wellbeing.”

Photo :: Kate Potter

Sam, student, age 10
“We get to use our imaginative thinking and we get to be creative and enjoy a young life.”

Evie – student, age 12
“There’s lots of opportunities — a lot more than other schools. You get to go to a lot of places. There’s a lot of leadership roles, especially in Year 6. They really prepare you for what’s to come — you don’t just go into new challenges blindly, I guess. There’s a point for everything.”

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