Born in London, raised in Adelaide, and now based in Stockholm, Miss Marzipan (AKA Marisa) is a mum of two, a professional art director, and foodie blogger (when time permits). Most of her recipes are influenced by her own personal/health journey and the various flavours and cultural experiences she’s been exposed to.

“I don’t adhere strictly to any particular food philosophy or dietary approach, but you may notice that much of what I create is sugar-free and plant-based.”

She assures us she’s not a hardline health nut and that her current cooking and eating preferences are born of varied and extremely humble beginnings, including:

::  A 7-year stint as the world’s unhealthiest vegetarian (half a takeaway falafel roll per day, anyone?)

::  A few years as an omnivorous binge detoxer (eg, Red Bull-drinking occasional juice faster)

:: An extended period of time as wellness-curious, organic-eating TTCer with newly diagnosed thyroid condition and a growing interest in home cooking

:: Being a 2-time sufferer of horrid first trimester pregnancy nausea and intense food aversions

:: Becoming an enthusiastic home cook with a (slightly sad) penchant for watching Masterchef et al

:: Gaining around 34 kilos during her first pregnancy and losing it

:: Gaining around 24 kilos during her second pregnancy and losing it

:: Discovering her daughter had a chronic infant dairy protein intolerance

:: Being married to a meatball-loving husband who suddenly went vegan overnight

She shares the things she loves in a judgement-free way… and in doing so, hopes to provide a little inspiration to others. Visit her on social,


The most delicious BEETROOT GNOCCHI recipe!

By Miss Marzipan If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’ll know that other than creating recipes of a veggie nature, I’ve had “a thing” for organic produce. In fact, it was organic food that was my first foodie passion, long before I even embraced going vegetarian again (and long before organic food was as […] Read more…

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Hearty Vegetarian Curry

By Miss Marzipan This humble, hearty Sweet Potato & Kale Vegetarian Curry dish ticks all of my “ideal” boxes. A pleasant kick of heat and fragrant spice combined with a vibrant assortment of plant-based goodies makes for an exciting vegetarian dish that’s also vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, Paleo, IQS-friendly and features an impressive cast of nutrient-dense ingredients. We […] Read more…

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By Miss Marzipan So incredibly easy, these apple chips don’t require a dehydrator or sugar. I love them, my kids love them, they’re healthy and, honestly, they beat any store-bought apple chips I have ever tried. The batch you see in the images here were made from apples we picked as a family from our friends’ […] Read more…

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By Miss Marzipan   This truly delicious porridge is perfect for a make-ahead breakfast treat; an interesting, healthy, indulgent and different spin on overnight oats, that takes mere minutes to prepare… and is a great way to use up leftover quinoa. It is wonderful served cold, straight from the fridge or, if you prefer, both the compote and the […] Read more…

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By Miss Marzipan Looking for a veggie burger with a difference? If you like things a little spicy, this recipe could be just the ticket! I have eaten many a veggie burger, but not a single one with this flavour profile and I am very pleased to include this in my updated top 5 homemade burger recipe […] Read more…

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By Miss Marzipan No dehydrator? No problem! These chips can be made in the oven and are a light and super-tasty snack, perfect for anytime of the day.   Serves 2  ::   Prep time 10 minutes  ::   Bake time approx. 1.5 hours INGREDIENTS 1 zucchini at room temperature 1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted […] Read more…

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