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Oils are bad for you — MYTH BUSTED!

Adding extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) to your diet benefits the brain, heart and biome in your gut. As we learn more about good versus bad oil, our focus is on an SA business that produces this liquid gold. Rio Vista Olives has grabbed EVOO by its slippery horns, celebrating a product that they believe in deeply. Here’s why we love Rio Vista’s oils…

Photo :: Naomi Giatas

They’ve got the knowledge

For Rio Vista, it’s not just about producing quality EVOO — it’s about respecting the industry. It’s no surprise that their General Manager Jared Bettio is on the Olives SA board, overseeing the industry and providing support and training to locals.

Marketing Director Sarah Asciutto has also completed her Olive Oil Sommeliers course, which provides training in cuisine matching, identifying faults and blending varieties of EVOO for flavour. “It’s important to be involved in the industry and give back, as South Australian produce can only compete on the world stage by everyone working together,” Sarah says.

Photo :: Naomi Giatas

They’ve got the passion

Taking an olive and turning it into a versatile oil is a process that Rio Vista has down pat. As Sarah says, “Harvesting, processing and bottling is done in-house, and pressed within six hours of harvest, so the fruit is as fresh as possible.”

Rio Vista knows it’s about quality over quantity, so they choose to cold process their oil, leaving as many health properties intact as possible. They have also embraced new opportunities, supplying oil to pharmacies and for making soap.

They’ve got the technology

Always looking to take it to another level, Rio Vista has invested in a state-of-theart processing plant from Italy. As Sarah explains, “It’s a closed system, which limits any oxidisation of the oil and optimises the taste.” And they’ve been pushing the innovation boundaries with their Agrumato Olive Oils. “We co-process our olives with other products at a low temperature. Traditionally this is done with citrus, but we’ve created a suite of flavours with local garlic, chilli, turmeric, basil, and an exotic spiced oil.”

Photo :: Naomi Giatas

They’ve got the kudos

Don’t just take our word for it — amongst their long list of accolades are Best Flavoured Olive Oil of Show; 12 Gold Medal Awards in the Australian International Olive Awards, and; being named as 2020 finalists for Business Excellence and Primary Producer in the South Australian Premier’s Food and Beverage Awards. There’s not enough space to list the other gazillion awards!

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