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Guest article by Carmel Margaritis | Camilla

When it comes to purchasing an item, I need to know that I’ll get loaaads of wear out of it. These days I’m finding that I buy less, but invest in higher quality pieces that I know I’ll wear endlessly.

Let’s be honest, being a mum of two in my late 30s, I don’t go out too often wearing heels and an evening dress. If I can’t throw something on with sneakers or slides while bouncing around with the kids… then I ain’t buying it. I make sure my wardrobe has lots of versatility so that I can dress up or down most of my pieces.

Some key staple pieces to dress down any outfit are…

  • A white/black tee
  • White sneakers
  • Slides
  • Denim jacket

Many of the pieces I wear are “Camilla”. I find that the Camilla prints never date enabling me to get so much value for money with everything I purchase.  I’m still wearing what I bought 10 years ago! It has also been a brand that has grown with me because of the versatility. I’ve been able to wear my Camilla dresses when I’ve fluctuated in weight, breast fed, throughout pregnancy, at a black tie event, a day at the beach, and they’re an absolute dream to pack in my suitcase when I’m heading away to a warm holiday vacation destination.

Take this round neck kaftan for instance. It’s from the new Camilla “lounge wear” collection “Wild Belle”, made out of modal fabric. It doesn’t look like much on the hanger, and seems pretty basic when you initially throw it on… but check out how many ways to can wear this absolute beauty.

1. Short strapless dress 

2. Sarong 

3. One Shoulder dress

4. Strapless long dress (with or without belt)

5. Top

6. Short strapless front tie dress 

7. Short Scoop back kaftan

8. Front tie dress 

9. Skirt

10. Kaftan

With Love

Carmel Margaritis  x

Adelady Guest

Adelady Guest

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