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When it comes to health, we’re all about the long-game and making good lifestyle choices — but sometimes you just need a quick fix, right?

We’ve got a secret for you. Yerbi have just solved that 4pm energy crash for you with the release of their new energy drink.

Yerbi is a naturally caffeinated plant based drink recipe made up of Yerba Mate and Guarana. It’s designed to release energy throughout the body slowly and consistently, and unlike traditional ‘energy’ drinks, this naturally caffeinated version will help to avoid that intense, immediate hit of energy followed but that exhausted crash. Instead, the idea is that the energy boost is a bit more gentle and long lasting, without any of those jittery feelings.

Image credit: Yerbi Energy

As for that overwhelming sugary taste we expect to endure from traditional energy drinks, they’ve solved that for us too! Naturally sweetened with vanilla and honey, the subtle botanical flavour of Yerbi makes the experience an enjoyable one.

Given the natural ingredients and gentle stamina boost that Yerbi aims to deliver, it’s worth keeping them on hand for all those on-the-go moments that you know you’re going to need a kicker. It’s the perfect solution to your pre work-outs, nights out, afternoon work crash — it’s even a great alternative to your coffee hit in the morning!

Image credit: Yerbi Energy

Natural AND beneficial, it’s win-win.

Tory xx

Keep an eye out for Yerbi, now available in your local supermarket!


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