Some say your sexiest body part is your mind… and we’d HAVE to agree! There’s magic happening every time you learn something new, but no one has much spare time these days.

Enter TAFE SA’s long list of short courses that are run throughout the year. We’re jumping out of our skins to head to class.

Whether you want to boost your career, become compliant in a skill, try your hand at something new, or indulge in a passion… there’s a short course for anyone and everyone! There’s sessions you can pump out in a day and some that you can do from your own space in your own time, so start exploring all there is to learn. Here’s a few that caught our eye.

1. Digital Marketing

We had a blast and packed in SO much learning in this one day course about the evolving world of digital marketing and growing our brand. For any modern biz, big or small, we’d hands-down suggest getting this inside info to ensure your digital marketing’s on trend and getting you the biggest bang for buck!

More info here. 

2. Introduction to Jewellery Making

Ever wanted a piece of jewellery that’s truly unique? Learn how to make it yourself with the master, Meghan O’Rourke — whether its to adorn your own body, or give as a gift, you’ll know it’s one-of-a-kind. From design to craft, unleash your creative spark in this artistic course.

More info here.

3. Introduction to Social Media

Keep up to date with the power of social media, and learn some of the hidden tips and tricks hiding on the internet with this quick course.

More info here.

4. Festival Make-Up

The sun’s heating up which means we’re edging closer to an explosion of summer festivals! Release your inner fashion and beauty creativity with a course that’s perfect for any skill level as you create a dynamic look that will outlast the beads of sweaty grooving.

More info here. 

5. Social sketching with Fran Callen at the Adelaide Central Market

Award winning artist, Fran Callen, will be leading this class at the Adelaide Central Market so you can experiment with drawing some of the movement and moments around you while enjoying a delicious antipasto platter provided by Charcuterie at Lucia’s Fine Foods. The best part? You don’t need any experience, just an open mind!

More info here.

6. Introduction to Wine Tasting

Anyone else giggle inside when trying to sound like you know what you’re talking about when it comes to vino? We sure do, and this quick course can help! Fill your glass and your mind with wine appreciation, tasting techniques and best of all, learn how to ‘talk’ wine.

More info here.

7. A Guide to Starting a New Business

We WISH we’d known about this course when we jumped head-first into starting our beloved Adelady. These two hours of power will prep you with all the key things you should know for such an exciting (but possibly daunting) leap of faith.

More info here.

8. Get into the Festive spirit

With Christmas just around the corner, the festive spirit is flying high! TAFE SA offers a tonne of courses that are specific to the most magical time of the year … some examples include:

Christmas Gingerbread Decorating Course for Kids — More info here.

Christmas Table Arrangement Workshop at the Adelaide Central Market — More info here.

Christmas Wreath Making Workshop at the Adelaide Central Market — More info here.

Christmas Posy Workshop at the Adelaide Central Market — More info here.

9. Studio Portraiture Masterclass

Some say that the best way to learn is by getting in there and giving it a go yourself, so this hands-on class is perfect for budding photographers that want to capture their subjects in their most flattering light.

More info here.

10. Furniture Restoration

We LOVE a vintage piece and whether you’re keen on it as a full-time gig or a fun hobby, furniture restoration is where it’s at! Learn the ins and outs of French polishing, timber repairs, paint stripping, surface prep, staining, colouring and applying material to that bespoke piece.

More info here.

11. Illustration for Fashion Design with Petar Prodanovic

The fabulous Petar Prodanovic will be leading this course, familiarising his students in drawing the modern fashion figure with garments and accessories. Discover the various techniques to create different fabrics, textures and the drape of fabric on the figure.

More info here.

12. Back to Basics: Day and Night Make-Up Looks

Do you (like us) sometimes slap on your makeup with no real idea if you’re actually “doing it right”? This course is ideal for all levels of experience, to teach you all you need to know about creating flawless, long-lasting day and night make-up looks that you can easily replicate at home.

More info here.

13. Produce Workshop – Myers Seafood

There is SO MUCH to learn about the fresh produce that our beautiful SA has to offer. This class will teach you how the product is made or sourced, and you’ll even have the opportunity to meet with some of the suppliers and taste some of the luxurious seafood.

More info here.

This is just a snapshot! Check out the hundreds of short courses on offer at TAFE SA today and get that brain looking even more beautiful.


Em Worthington

Em Worthington

Writer and Content Creator for Adelady, her heart starts racing at the sight of a whiteboard or mere mention of a brainstorm.

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