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When a baby is born, no one hands you a guidebook. But what if we told you there was something better? Say hello to Adelaide Paediatrics.

With so many unknowns, becoming a parent can be daunting, especially if your little cherub has medical or developmental challenges. That’s where this friendly and caring team of paediatricians and allied health practitioners has got your back.

With some of the best minds and biggest hearts working together, Adelaide Paediatrics is the guiding light from that first little breath, through the crucial early years of your child’s growth and development, the school years, and every step of the way to the age of 18. They offer a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, with full access to medical and allied health care for your children.

And with multiple locations, including Wayville, Kensington Park, North Adelaide, Goolwa, Mt Barker, Bedford Park, Mile End, Elizabeth Vale, and new locations in Morphett Vale and Ashford, they’re helping South Australian families far and wide.

How can they help?

With some of Adelaide’s most respected paediatricians, your tiniest family member is in the very best of hands. The team provides newborn care in private hospitals across Adelaide, as well as routine postnatal checks in-rooms, or for any number of issues affecting children from birth right through to 18 years of age. They also have an incredible team of sub-specialist paediatricians including an Allergist/Immunologist, Gastroenterologist, Haematologist, Neonatologist, Rehabilitation Paediatrician, Respiratory Physician and Rheumatologist.

For lots of little people, early intervention in one or more areas can make a huge impact on the rest of their life. And with the team at Adelaide Paediatrics working together to make sure every aspect is covered, there’s no need to drag your littlies from place-to-place in order to get the help they need. Here are just some of the allied health services that they offer…

Speech Therapy – You may be surprised by how many things are encompassed in Speech! Adelaide Paediatrics’ Speech Pathologists can help with a wide variety, including speech delays, pronunciation difficulties, vocal nodules and more, as well as feeding issues and sensory aversions.

Physiotherapy – Kids of all ages may benefit from help with gross motor skills or musculoskeletal issues so they can move freely.

Exercise Physiology – The benefits of being physically active are generally well-known, but did you know that Exercise Physiology is a fun, interactive and energetic way of assisting with social skills, anxiety, motor skill impairment and delay, behavioural issues, and cognitive issues?

Occupational Therapy – It can be life-changing to help with fine motor skills, emotional regulation, sensory processing and daily living skills (including morning routines, school readiness, toileting and sleeping, just to name a few).

Psychology – The Psychologists at Adelaide Paediatrics work with kids of all ages to manage anxiety, OCD, emotional regulation, social skills, or even social issues, such as dealing with the separation of parents, behaviour management and more.

Dietetics – This experienced team of dieticians can guide you through the introduction of solids to babies, manage deficiencies, help navigate allergies and intolerances, as well as work wonders with fussy eaters and more to ensure your child sprouts in the best way possible.

Podiatry – For any issues of the lower limbs and feet, including toe walking, flat feet, gait abnormalities, pain and more, these guys will ensure your little ones are springing into life.

Life-changing support

Some families need short-term support, while other families benefit from long-term partnerships with the Adelaide Paediatrics team. Whether your needs are supporting a child with autism, developmental delays, medical issues like asthma or epilepsy, or you need support with your child’s overall development and wellbeing, Adelaide Paediatrics is dedicated to seeing your little (and big!) ones thrive.

As General Manager Mem Hurrell says, “It’s a really grounding experience to get to know some of the families and the challenges they face; and it’s really lovely to see the milestones kids achieve along the way. We’re lucky to watch them grow, develop and become little people, and we’re humbled to play a small part in helping them reach their goals”.

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