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You’re probably reading this on a quick break in your uber-busy life, which means you’ve caught up on all the important stuff, right? Wrong.

You’ve likely forgotten something hugely important — something lifesaving. Most of us have, to be honest. I’m talking about a nationally accredited first aid course from St John Ambulance SA.

This not-for-profit organisation, which has been supporting the South Australian community for over 135 years, spoke to us about the importance of learning first aid.

Their mission and their motto are clear: Saving lives through first aid. If you’re anything like me and feel overwhelmed in a crisis, we strongly recommend looking into their range of first aid courses.

Lauren and I kicked off our first aid training with the Caring For Kids course. We were both clueless about first aid and, as there’s a little bun in Lauren’s oven, we want to do the right thing if ever required. It’s a short three-hour course that can be done anytime, even on a weekend. This course is one of the few that is non-accredited, but actually gives you more flexibility to delve deeper into questions with your trainer during and after the course, which we had a ton of.

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Topics you’ll touch on include Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for children, recognition and treatment of choking and anaphylaxis, as well as general first aid care. You’ll also have the option to grab a Tiny Tots First Aid Kit. If you find you walk out the door and forget everything you just learnt, the course also comes with a super handy reference manual. If there are no little ones running around, or they’ve fled the nest and can take care of their own cuts and bruises, there are plenty of other courses for you to enhance your first aid skills.

Provide First Aid*

Available as a half-day with online learning, one-day, or two-day course, Provide First Aid is nationally recognised and accredited. They’ll run you through CPR, defibrillator use, management of a range of injuries, cuts, burns, allergies, fractures and common medical conditions. It’s the go-to course for workplace first aiders, providing a standard workplace qualification.

CPR Course*

It might sound obvious, but this course digs a little deeper than you think. Over three hours, you’ll learn techniques on correct CPR application, defibrillation and managing an unconscious casualty until ambulance help arrives. In addition to the above courses, St John Ambulance SA also offers a wide range of other first aid options, including Occupational First Aid*. Focussing on more high-risk occupations, like construction, mining and remote workplaces, St John Ambulance SA is so passionate about every South Australian learning first aid that they can even attend workplaces and remote locations to ensure adequate training.

It’s a scary thought, but cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time — regardless of your age or health condition. Having first aid, CPR and defibrillator training is something that St John Ambulance SA believes everyone should have. A person who experiences a sudden cardiac arrest, with no treatment has only a 10 percent chance of survival. Survival can reach as high as 70 percent when a defibrillator is used before paramedics arrive. On average, six cardiac arrests occur per day outside of a hospital in South Australia. First aid courses from St John Ambulance SA will arm you with the knowledge and confidence to assist in these circumstances, and the ability to potentially save a life.

Photo :: Wayne Pearson

St John Ambulance SA wants you to know

Firstly, the worst thing you can do is nothing. Secondly, any attempt at CPR is better than no attempt. They strongly urge you to not delay and to do a first aid course where you will learn valuable skills that may save the lives of your loved ones or others in need.

Save $10 off the Caring for Kids course with code ADELADY10 when you book online. You can learn more about first aid courses, as well as how to become a volunteer, or book St John Ambulance SA services for an event on their website.

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