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Guest blog :: Jennifer Dullens

Napkins. This is my trigger word to remind me of what Christmas is really about. Let me take you back to Christmas 2016, when a certain crazy person (yes, that would be me) decided to drive west to east in the peak of Christmas Eve madness.

Whilst my friends and family were enjoying some festive fizz and fun, I was sitting in traffic, trying to hustle down a set of napkins that matched my table theme and I was two short… cue lunatic behaviour, a completely unnecessary long drive, long line ups, Christmas Eve parking… you get the picture.

I missed the fizz, the fun, my friends, a spontaneous family drop in, all because I wanted two napkins with a blue stripe. Who was I? I had become insane.

The following Christmas, that nonsense stopped and I bought napkins ahead… KIDDING! No, in all seriousness, I started opening my EYES, to our community and what Christmas is really all about… cue, warm and fuzzy overload.

Adelaide, our Adelaide, has a huge heart, and is it even Christmas if we don’t share it?

Christmas is traditionally a time to stop, reflect and, where you can, give back. Small gestures can have huge impacts, giving back comes in many different shapes, sizes and forms and do not have to be expensive. Here are some local suggestions to actively involve you and your families to appreciate the true spirit of Christmas in your community.

So, here it is, your 12 days of Christmas give back. Pick one and let your heart sing Christmas songs because really, that’s what it is about.

From your home to theirs

Support women in crisis accommodation by passing on one or a few simple everyday luxuries to make them feel special this Christmas. From a notebook to a keep cup, Catherine House has their Christmas Wish List up for review to ensure every woman staying with them feels special this Christmas and has the dignity she deserves. They are also wrapping pressies in Rundle Place until Christmas Eve, for a donation!

Pack a Treasure Box and involve the Kids

Involve the kids in a treasure hunt for a treasure box, all for the awesome organisation Treasure Boxes — they provide childhood essentials to vulnerable families experiencing severe disadvantage.

Pay It Forward

Pay for someone behind you in line at a drive-through, coffee shop or pay for their parking spot! It’s all about Christmas cheer and it will give you the loveliest feeling (or you may wish to hide in the bushes to see their reaction — ha!) 

Wrap It!

Keep your eyes peeled for not-for-profit and charity organisations at your local shops volunteering their time to wrap presents, with all proceeds going to their organisation. Donate some of your gold coins for beautiful, wrapped presents in exchange for knowing it will be passed onto a good cause and as a bonus, say goodbye to manic Christmas eve wrapping at the same time.

Angel at Hutt St Centre

Calling all Christmas Angels! Help people experiencing homelessness rebuild their lives. Hot meals and a friendly face will be your main job description as you are a part of the essential operations at Hutt Street seeing first-hand how significant donations can be for this centre.

Backpacks 4 SA Kids

Give the gift of time by helping Backpacks 4 SA Kids to pack a backpack or wrap presents for teenagers experiencing homelessness and children who are placed into emergency care. This backpack is a token of a fresh start and new beginnings.

Hello Neighbour

Neighbours that are elderly or alone could be feeling more isolated at Christmas time. Set aside an hour to drop in with a small gesture, like a cooked dinner, an invite to your house for Christmas morning, or a cup of tea to spread the joy of the season.

Surprise the Christmas Elves (delivery drivers and posties)

A huge job that’s on par with the Elves of the North Pole, is that of delivery drivers and posties at Christmas. It can be hot, hectic and they’re long hours. Put a smile on your local delivery person’s face with an iced cold drink (maybe not a margarita as they have to drive) but a nice cool water or snack to go. Next time you’re expecting a package, have a little something small on standby.

Light up a moment for hosts of Christmas Lights

How much do we love Christmas Lights! They are next level in Adelaide — we love them, we have oodles of them and they’re all run by the goodness of people’s Christmas spirt and community awesomeness.

If you have a favourite house that you go and see year after year, the next time you drive by, tell them how grateful at the effort that they put in and that it makes your Christmas nights all that more special. Leave a note, drop off some chocolates and repay the thanks.

Send some handwritten love

Remember these? Or am I the only one? Think of a long-lost friend or family member — one who may be in another state due to COVID, put pen to paper and give them a nice surprise in the mail amongst those bills.

Back to Basics

Add some items to your weekly shop to assist with the emergency food parcels that Baptist Care SA help coordinate every year for South Australians having a tough time off gathering even the small essentials.

Be a secret Santa for a stranger

Saving the best Christmas wow to last, go out with a Christmas bang and pay off someone’s layby. Yup, instead of buying that Christmas present from you, to you, turn up to a counter and pay off a compete stranger’s lay by. Epic gesture of the year!

Merry Christmas! xx


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