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There’s so much more to performing arts than just concerts and costumes, and Star Academy is all about the bigger picture.

Every parent makes a wish when they hold their baby for the first time — for that precious little person to be happy. Regardless of their path in life, we want our kids to be well balanced and to believe in themselves — get that foundation right and the world is theirs for the taking. This is the backbone of Star Academy, a Grote Street institution providing top-quality education in all facets of performing arts from the age of three.

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With a huge range of classes from beginner to advanced, Star Academy is an inspiring and fun way for your little ones to build lifelong friendships and get in touch with their own potential, regardless of whether their eyes are set on a career in the entertainment industry or it’s for fun and fitness.

The line-up

Classical, contemporary, jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, drama, musical theatre, acrobatics — there’s a class for every little star and one on one or group options, too. There’s a recreational stream as well as an elite program for students wanting to participate in competitions and exams, and all facilities are top of the pops.

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And the biggest thing on the calendar is the end of year production. “It’s always something big, dramatic, with a strong storyline and great music. Even the dads won’t nod off,” laughs Founder and Creative Director Jenna Maiolo.

A quick chat with Jenna raises the curtain on why this studio is so popular with families all over Adelaide. Her combination of experience and passion for lifelong learning has me wanting to shrink myself back to being a small fry so I can go to a Star class.

“I want the kids who walk through our door to grow up to be passionate about whatever they do in life. We’re teaching life skills — discipline, time management, teamwork and working your butt off. I want to instil in them that if they love what they do, work hard and take pride in it, success will follow,” Jenna says.

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The mentors

he difference between a good and an incredible place for any kind of education is the people, and every one of Jenna’s teachers knocks it out of the park.

“It’s super important that our students are getting the right education and the right mix of people. Our team is led by School Principal Kristy Burns, who has been with me since day dot. Each teacher brings something different so our students get the expertise, passion and life skills of someone incredible in each class,” Jenna says proudly.

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Bigger roles

Their unique position to be steady role models for their students in an ever-changing world hit home for Jenna and her team recently. “We’ve really noticed the way that things like social media have added to pressures on kids today. When one of our students was battling anxiety, it sparked the idea to raise money for Kids Helpline — they’re an incredible service for children needing to talk to someone. That idea of being able to open up the conversation about mental health and supporting those in need has led to an exciting partnership between our two organisations, so stay tuned for more details soon.”

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Party time!

Unicorns, slime, manis and pedis, ballerinas and fairies or superheroes — whatever your little one is into, Star Academy can make all their birthday dreams come true. Their range of themed parties, bespoke events and character hire will leave you and your kiddos gob-smacked. Take the stress out of celebrating by letting the Star team take the reins, but don’t delay… they book up fast as lightning and there’s a good reason for it!

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