It’s all in the name. I’m messy, so instantly I felt like Jessy and I were besties.

Jess Liebich won My Kitchen Rules for Adelaide in 2014, and since then she’s been one busy (and slightly messy) lady! In fact, she’s SO busy that we literally bumped into each other in the toilet at Hotel Elliot and bonded, while our own kids were making a mess of the toilet.


Early last year Jess started Messy Jessy, a range of delicious packet cake mixes. All products in the range are SA owned and made, and packaged here in SA by Minda Commercial Enterprises.

Jess is a super mum, so she was very conscious of making her brand as natural as possible. All Messy Jessy cakes use natural ingredients and no nasty preservatives or additives. “Recipe development for each cake was quite a process! I was so determined to create something easy to bake at home, that tasted like the kind of cake you’d go out for”, she says.

And they do! I’m pretty sure I’ve made one of her packet cakes and told friends I’d baked it from scratch. Haven’t we all done that?


Jess is making her cake and EATING it too – yeah, I went there! This week, she’s our inspirational Adelady.

Here are some of her fave places in Adelaide AND a recipe for the most amazing Rich Chocolate Mud Nutella & Ricotta Layer Cake. #Drool

Hayley x


The Lion Hotel North Adelaide. The way their Chefs create and present all of their food is truly amazing and delightful to eat. Their breakfasts are fresh, seasonal and their flavour combinations and plating is inspirational!

Image credit: The Lion Hotel

Minda Inc is one of SA’s long standing organisations (it was established in 1898!) It is one of SA’s oldest and most  respected disability services. The word Minda is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘Shelter and Protection”. I think that is a really beautiful meaning which truly emphasises what the organisation is all about.

Minda Inc provides a vast array of services and provide employment opportunities for those with disabilities in a variety of areas such as woodwork and packaging — this is where Messy Jessy fits in.

Minda Commercial Enterprises started their first commercial food packaging facility for Messy Jessy in 2015 so it’s a wonderful feeling to know that I am contributing to enriching the lives of people with disabilities. We are giving them a sense of place which is very important. And they do the most amazing job!


​One of my favourite decadent recipes at the moment is my Messy Jessy Rich Chocolate Nutella & Ricotta Cake. It sounds complicated but by using the Messy Jessy Rich Chocolate Mud Cake Mix and adding only a handful of extra ingredients, you end up with a delicious and impressive celebration cake!

Messy Jessy – Rich Chocolate Mud Nutella & Ricotta Layer Cake (for more of Messy Jessy’s delicious recipes follow her on Facebook and Instagram.)




1 packet of Messy Jessy Rich Chocolate Mud Cake Mix (sachet 1)

190g unsalted butter

350ml water

1 extra large egg

Chocolate Shavings to garnish (optional)Nutella & Ricotta Filling

2 cups fresh ricotta

1 cup nutellaNutella Ganache

1/2 cup thickened cream

50g dark chocolate bits

1/4 cup nutella


1. Pre-heat oven to 150 degrees celsius and line 20cm round springform pan with baking paper.

2. Make Messy Jessy Rich Chocolate Mud Cake (Sachet 1 ) according to packet directions (set aside and use Sachet 2 chocolate icing mixture for another baking day!)

3. Bake in oven for 35 minutes. Set cake aside to cool completely in pan.

4. Remove cake from pan. Trim top evenly then cut cake into three even layers.

5. Make the Nutella & Ricotta filling by combining the nutella and ricotta until nice and creamy.

6. To make the Nutella Ganache, place the chocolate in a heatproof bowl, heat the cream until almost boiling then pour it over the chocolate, leave for a couple of minutes then add the nutella and stir until smooth. Set the ganache aside until it has thickened but is still spreadable.

7. To assemble the cake- Place one cake layer on a serving plate and spread over half of the ricotta & nutella cream, and place another cake layer on top. Repeat with the ricotta & nutella cream then top with third cake piece. (If you have any excess ricotta cream, use your spatula and hold it against the side on a 90 degree angle and spread it, covering the cake all around the sides).

8. Spread the nutella ganache over the top of the cake and sides. Garnish top with chocolate shavings.

You can find Messy Jessy at all Foodlands around SA and selected Woolworths stores, or go to the website to view stockists and follow Messy Jessy online:


Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

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