We wear active wear every day. Are we active? NO. Do we have any intention of going to the gym? NO. Why? Because we don’t have time!

I know that sounds like a big fat excuse, and like my mum always tells me, MAKE TIME – YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR PRIORITY.


But it’s not like it was during our uni days, when I had 4 contact hours a week and spent most of my kid-free life jogging on treadmills. I have kids – I have a husband – I have a business. I have no time.

BUT, as of October 1, Lauren and I slapped each other in the face and said ‘We. Will. Make. Time.’ Even if it’s only 1 or 2 days a week and we WILL exercise and look after our bods.

happy way

So we have started our training AND these rockin’ protein shakes. I’ll never replace a shake for a main meal – but these babies get you through your snacky times. I don’t know about you, but when we’re hungry at work we snack on rubbish, and then feel blah afterwards.

Happy Way is made with the highest quality raw, ancient and organic superfood supplements, mixed with bangin’ whey protein powders. The shakes actually give you those inner pools of energy to get you through the crazy days — of which we have many!

These powders were created by two guys in the fitness industry who wanted to create a protein powder for Adeladies! They’re made for the supermums, busy ladies and tired monsters (like us) — basically, for anyone who wants to create a healthier lifestyle without crazy diets and full-on exercise routines. Because, like I’ve said before – who has the bloody time?!

As we skip off on our happy way, here are a couple of our faves…. 

Lauren’s fave :: Top of the Choc


Hayley’s fave :: I Love You Berry Muchhappyway_berry_large

Hayley x

Happy Way is free from preservatives, sweeteners, artificial flavours and all that yucky stuff. These nutritional products are bursting at the seams with natural antioxidants, minerals, phytonutrients and vitamins. Did you know that nutrients are typically destroyed by chemicals and heat in the standard process of manufacturing? Not with Happy Way!


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Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

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