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Written by a Dad who wants stuff

Father’s Day. The one day of the year where we Dad’s can sit back, kick up our feet and say “this is MY day”. I can hear my wife yelling in the background already “isn’t that every day?”, and look – she has a point. We get it pretty good!

As a father, I’ve always been blown away and overwhelmed with what mother’s go through. Not just during birth, but before and after – and I am constantly in awe and respect of every mother and woman around the world for the sacrifices they make for us, and our children.

Now that I’ve said that… and it’s in writing, surely we can have ONE day to just get presents and feel even more loved than we already do? If you’re stuck for what to get your partner, loved one or family member – don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Here are my Top 10 Dad’s Day Doozies!

Socks and Jocks

The idea that men don’t like socks and jocks is a MYTH! My mum still buys them for me for Christmas, and yes they are fluro Bonds jocks, but ultimately it’s the one time of year I get new underwear. Sorry for the visual. Dad’s want this stuff. Then you can throw out the ones you hate.

Bunnings Voucher

Look, I am not a handy man. Last week I cut through the irrigation at my house and accidentally painted my bathroom with outdoor paint. Even though I have no skills, I like looking like I do. This is why I like buying things like drills, paint guns and lawn mowers. And one day, I will plan to learn how to use them.

Chemist Warehouse Voucher

Equally as important as the Bunnings Voucher. But we do need things like deodorant, shampoo (well, the dads with hair, unlike me), body wash and those vitamins that ageing men get that they’ve seen on TV and think they’ll become an athlete after… like me.

Skincare Treatment

REAL MEN GET FACIALS. And we need to normalise it. Taking care of your body is the first step living longer — I think that’s what they say anyway. Most places that do facials now have beer and coffee as part of the deal too. Win.

Handmade Card

You can’t not like these if you have kids. Yes the spelling is wrong and the drawing looks nothing like you, but it’s made with love and it’s a keepsake… sometimes.

Pretend To Like My Things

If my wife is reading this, for Father’s Day I would like you to pretend you like basketball, soccer, Playstation, fart jokes and Will Ferrell movies. I will feel the real… (fake) love.

Red Wine

Can also be beer. And potentially 6 mates to drink it with, somewhere that isn’t at home. Look I’m just saying let me go to the pub for a bit.

Sleep In….. 

A hotel room. Yes. A sleep in is great, but with two kids under the age of five – it’s good in theory and a sleep in is like 6:43am. So perhaps I could try to have the sleep in, in a hotel room, in New York.

The TV Remote

Hey kids, Bluey is awesome and I LOVE Minions… I loved it the first 60 times, but the AFL Finals are on and I would love to watch them. So perhaps I could have the remote for the day… or even a quarter? I mean I do love Bluey.

Family Photo

The last 9 have been tongue in cheek… partly. But ultimately Father’s Day is an amazing time to reflect on being a Dad. It’s awesome and in a world of the unknowns, I think we should just be grateful to be a Dad. It’s as simple as that. And a nice family photo which isn’t perfect, with a kid picking their nose and the other crying… that’s the way it should be. 

Father’s Day come’s and goes, it’s just one day.

The beauty is, that special, warm and content feeling of being a Dad never goes away.

And that’s the best present anyone could ever ask for… after red wine and a Bunnings Voucher.

Jarrod x

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