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Fresh, healthy, delicious and quick? Sounds too good to be true, but Soonta’s nailed it.

Life’s a constant balancing act — work, kids, friends, staying healthy and enjoying life… eating fresh, nutritious food that actually tastes good can feel like mission impossible. But rolling all these things into one is Soonta’s specialty — and with 14 stores across SA, finding one is easy as pie.

A tasty balance

It’s the holy grail of a quick lunch or easy dinner — the dishes at Soonta are the perfect balance of nutritious AND delicious. “Originally based on Vietnamese cuisine, Soonta’s menu now includes a fusion of all our favourite flavours from across Asia — it’s the best bits all in one,” says part-owner Sweet Tang.

Fresh is the name of the game! “Often, quick food can mean either junk food or frozen ingredients, but we cook our meat every day so it’s as fresh as possible and we can serve it up quickly.”

And when it comes to making things easy, you can tailor dishes to your taste, but you won’t drown in choices. “We have a small menu with base ingredients, then you just choose your filling and dressing, which means you can follow your heart and be in and out within minutes.”

Plus, the Soonta team is not only proud to be South Australian, they’re all about supporting other local producers. “Our major ingredients come from SA — it’s so important to get behind the people around us.”

Our top picks

Banh mi – There’s a reason that people in Vietnam eat this tasty dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Get ready to munch down on a freshly-baked baguette filled with your choice of protein, crunchy pickled carrot, cucumber, spring onion, coriander and their signature garlic aioli. Taste explosion!

Rice bowl – Perfect for a quick, hot meal to boost your energy! It includes your choice of protein on steamed rice, Asian greens, eggs, house-pickles, herbs and condiments, served with traditional Vietnamese dressing.

Salad bowl – On point for the Adelady who’s after a good balance of protein, fibre and low carbs, these bowls are packed with fresh salad, steamed Asian greens, tasty herbs and condiments and dressings that pack a punch. Our pick is the Spicy Tiger… deeeelicious!

Finish it off with your choice of Soonta’s own drinks, including White Tea, Black Tea and just in time for sunnier days, Sparkling Peach Tea.

Working mamas

You’re guaranteed that there’s genuine love behind the Soonta brand. Friends Ying, Echo, Candice and Sweet took over after realising they were eating Soonta most days. “It was a dream come true to buy it off the founder and go into business with friends. Over the last seven years, we’ve supported each other to start our own families. We’ve expanded the brand to a franchise model, so if you want a fantastic opportunity, get in touch. We’ve learnt so much, we get to do something we love and it’s made us confident to take on any challenges in life,” says Sweet.

Catering made easy

You can only do so many sandwiches or burgers, and Soonta is all about making a get-together easy. Spot on for work lunches or catering a little partay, their mini range of banh mi, rice cups and salad bowls amaze. Plus, they’ll work with your dietary needs or a specific budget, so you can breathe easy.


Em Worthington

Em Worthington

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