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It’s mission impossible to find another retail shop offering the same personalised experience that you get when you walk into Wohlers.

South Australian, family-owned Wohlers Furniture & Homewares is everything we love — and then some! From the second you step inside one of their three stores, it’s all smiles and old fashioned service that’ll give you the warm and fuzzies.

Photo :: Wayne Pearson 

And that’s the beauty of this family business. Rewind back to 1988 when locals Daryl and Marilyn Wohlers opened the doors of The Tanunda Pottery Shop, selling beautiful handmade pottery homewares. Little did they know that their small store would expand to become one of the biggest handmade pottery shops in Australia!

“We both worked tirelessly from the very beginning! I remember Daryl and I moving terracotta pots every morning out to the front of the shop and then back in the evening,” says Marilyn.

For decades, Wohlers has been famous in Adelaide for their gorgeous pottery and antique mahogany furniture, but they caught our eye when they started stocking colourful homewares, kitchenware, baby gifts, men’s gifts, handbags, jewellery, scarves and furniture.

Photo :: Wayne Pearson 

Today, Wohlers is in a league of its own with three stores located in Richmond, Mount Barker and Tanunda — and it continues to remain in the family.

Daughter Rachel is in charge of buying all the stunning homewares and to us, she’s the queen because she nails it every time. “Our customers love pieces that are unique and different and that they don’t see everywhere else. I really enjoy having a real mix of products — from practical kitchenware to gorgeous wall art and everything in between! After so many years of buying, I guess you just get a sense of what our customers like,” she smiles.

Photo :: Wayne Pearson

Apart from the ever-changing colourful cushions and beautiful prints, people come from far and wide for their Maine Beach products — especially their hand and nail creams. And if you’re a candle enthusiast, like us, you’ll be thrilled to find the biggest wall of Glasshouse diffusers and candles you’ve ever seen!

Rachel’s brothers are also involved — Paul is manager of their warehouse in Tanunda, while James heads up the furniture side of the business and handon-heart, is an absolute gentleman — just ask the Wohlers regulars! “My favourite part of my job is seeing the joy customers get from our furniture. Working in a family business is all I know, but I feel so proud when I see how our team works so well together,” he says.

As well as stocking a massive range of Nordic chairs, recliners, theatre suites, dining, bedroom, office and outdoor furniture, James has his own range which he designs himself — The Signature Range. His keen eye for furniture and knowledge of what his customers want has helped him to create amazing bespoke TV cabinets and dining settings, amongst other things.

The family’s genuine passion and good nature filters down into the business — everyone who works at Wohlers is delightful! So, what’s the secret to having a great team like they do at Wohlers? “Hiring nice people — you can’t train someone to care,” says James.

Tea, anyone?

Richmond and Tanunda both have cafés inside the stores selling tasty bakery goods and, of course, coffee. They may be famous for their furniture but their Skinny Dirty Chais are some of the best we’ve tasted.

What we love…

• Scandi recliners
• Glasshouse candles
• Biggest range of indoor cushions
• Gorgeous wall art
• Colourful garden pots

Hayley xx


Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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