About Adelady

Adelady is a website, social media platform and TV show on Channel Nine Adelaide (4.30pm Sundays) sharing the best of South Australia.

Adelady started over banana bread and watermelon juice at Nature’s Providore in January 2015. We, (Hayley and Lauren) worked together for 4.5 years in brekky radio at SAFM and when we left, we missed each other so much that we decided to create something that would allow us to work together again. And so Adelady was born.

Adelady is a website, social media platform and TV show on Channel Nine Adelaide. It’s a place free of gossip and negativity, but full of fun, style, food, fashion, events and even a little mummy inspo. It’s about inspiring women and highlighting the best of our rockin’ city.

We also share our lives, love, insecurities and passions with you. Working in the media for over 14 years, we’ve met some incredible Adelaide women who are kicking butt at life and/or in business. These women are our contributors. We salute them and thank them for sharing themselves with us and with you.

Adelady is a tapas-style website for sharing great ideas. If you have something amazing you’d like to share with the rest of Adelaide, please email us.

Hayley and Lauren xx


Co-creator and writer for Adelady and 1/3 of Nova919’s Breakfast Show, Lewis and Lowe with Hayley Pearson.  Hayley’s a radio and TV presenter, writer, lover of her husband, Jimmy and mama bear to her two boys Austin and Alfie.  An Adelaide girl, who would do absolutely anything for her family and friends, (including sucking snot out of her baby’s nose so he could breathe.) Yes, that actually happened! Hayley plans on eating her way around Adelaide’s best breakfast cafes, so if you have a fabulous suggestion, let her know.  Hayley’s also obsessed with pineapples, indoor plants, hippie pants and Survivor. #Jeffprobst.


Co-creator and kick-arse sales chick for Adelady. She was most recently the Campaigns Manager for the Leukaemia Foundation SA. Lauren’s a lover of her big Greek/Italian family, platform sneakers and handbags. Rather than buying a house one day, she may end up living in her GIANT Marc Jacobs bag. She believes life should be fun, sparkly and exciting. Ain’t nobody got time for dull and boring! Lauren loves finding a new place to have a drink and hang out with her girlfriends, so if you know of a place, hit her up. She hopes to one day own a miniature sausage dog called Pesto — an Ode to Timmy.


Don’t let her blue eyes and blonde locks fool you — Millie is a force to be reckoned with! She has a background and enormous passion for running events (who doesn’t love a good party?), loves to write, helps with sales, and has a secret obsession with spreadsheets and organisation. This makes her the Adelady All-Rounder! She first met Lauren and Hayley when she was working at the Leukaemia Foundation and it was love at first sight. If you ever see her driving around Adelaide, please turn a blind eye as she is probably singing (badly) to Beyonce while drinking a coffee the size of her head. Millie has been a fan of pineapples since they were just a food, but loves the fact that pineapples now represent her dream job at Adelady.


Once upon a time, there was a young lady who lived in a shoe. Her name was Laura. What she lacks in grammar and phonetics, she makes up for with beauty and quick wit. She’s a wife, mum of two children and one fur baby and has spent the last seven years as “mum”. Now, she has a reason to shower in the morning, brush the fur from her teeth and finally be human again — she’s Adelady Number 3!

Laura not only creates the most delicious recipes for our Adelady clients, but she styles, photographs and creates online content, like no other! We love her to bits.