Our Purpose


As Adelady and hello SA have continued to grow, we’ve always made a really conscious effort to stick close to who we are, and what we do.



Mission: Adelady Mission: Sharing the best of South Australia to a trusting audience of women 25-55, in a way that feels informal, friendly and kind, while also supporting small and large businesses with advertising across the state.

Vision: To be the most trusted and sought out South Australian travel and lifestyle online, print and magazine outlet, targeting South Australian women with inspiration and ideas.


hello SA

Mission: helloSA inspires locals and tourists to experience the best things to do and see in South Australia and beyond by promoting local businesses with unique and authentic TV content.

Vision: To be the most trusted, inspiring and high-rating travel and lifestyle show in Australia by working with local businesses to showcase the best of South Australia and beyond.

Giving Back

We’ve always felt a social responsibility to give back where we can and use our platform to help others who are going through a tough time.

With an all-girl team full of empaths, we are always doing what we can to support charities and community groups here in South Australia.

Certainly not expected but definitely much appreciated, we’d love for you to help us where you can.

Hayley and Lauren x

Longest Table and Australian Breast Cancer Research

Adelady is so proud to be an ambassador for the Longest Table, raising funds for The Hospital Research Foundation Group – with a particular focus on Australian Breast Cancer Research. Since our first event in 2017 we’ve raised over $250,000 and our sights are set on the $300,000 mark this year. The Hospital Research Foundation Group fights against disease and illnesses by funding vital medical research and patient care services in the community.

Australian Breast Cancer Research (ABCR) is a charity of The Hospital Research Foundation Group. This research focuses on detection, management and treatment of breast cancer to help minimise the impact on Australian families. The research is both clinical and lab based with all donations going straight to breast cancer research. Australian Breast Cancer Research is particularly close to our hearts as both our mums have been touched by this disease, as well as close friends. We don’t want to see anyone else we love have to go through a struggle with breast cancer, so our aim is to help find a solution in whatever way we can.

Childhood Cancer Association

Hayley is a proud ambassador for the Childhood Cancer Association which provides practical, hands-on support to not only children with cancer but their parents, grandparents, siblings, and aunties and uncles. And they do this without a dollar of ongoing public funding.

Hutt Street Centre

Hutt St Centre is a place of connection and support, where people facing homelessness are empowered to rebuild their lives. Each month, more than 850 people walk through the doors in search of support. Eleven years ago Hayley’s brother Ryan was one of those people — and Hutt Street Centre did everything they could to try and help him get his life back on track.

Tragically, Ryan passed away in 2011 from alcohol addiction but Hayley’s family are forever grateful for the support and care they showed Ryan. Hayley is now a Hutt Street Centre ambassador and will continue to fly their flag.