With four (soon to be five) kids aged under four between them, these three Adelaide mums think they’re getting pretty good at hunting down the best places to discover, eat, learn, play and buy with your kids.

They’re are also super passionate about health and education, and love sharing interesting resources and articles. They’re in a love-hate relationship with crafts and cooking, so prepare to laugh at their failures in this area! (This is one of the reasons why I love them). Their lives are full of the usual challenges, chaos and cuddles that family life brings so, like any group of mums, they love coffee, naptime, playgrounds and having a laugh (sometimes wine assisted).

Truth be known, they really just enjoy making other people happy, which is the sole aim of Kids in Adelaide – to make the families of Adelaide happy! And that’s exactly why WE love them too, so make sure you swing by and visit them on their website and follow them on social:

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