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IMG_7774Kim Lamb spent 26 glorious years growing up enjoying the fruits of Adelaide (namely anything containing the words Shiraz, Pinot and Sauvignon) before becoming a traitor and moving to Melbourne. Despite living in that faraway Victorian land, she’s still an Adelady at heart, missing many and varied things about Adelaide. But, she’s back as frequently as Kate Middleton is popping out royal offspring. She’s made a career telling the stories of some of Australia’s biggest brands and now decided it’s time to share her own stories, seen through her oversized, Disney-shaped eyes. She’s slowly trying to discover her adopted city via her blog, Eat Play Love Travel. 

5 of the best wineries in McLaren Vale (in our eyes)

By Kim Lamb Original post on Eat Play Love Travel Today is my 30th birthday. Huzzah! As you do, I’m currently in the midst of celebrating this milestone by throwing a three-week-long 30th birthday festival, which includes multiple events, and lots of eating and drinking. Anyone who knows me knows my 30th birthday festival wouldn’t be complete without a winery […] Read more…

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Inside the new d’Arenberg Cube + lunch at Mitolo Wines

By Kim Lamb Original post on Eat Play Love Travel d’Arenberg Cube WHERE :: 58 Osborn Road, McLaren Vale, South Australia CONTACT :: (08) 8329 4888 WEBSITE :: Image Credit :: d’Arenberg Described as Willy Wonka’s Wine Factory, it’s no surprise I was chomping at the bit to check out the new d’Arenberg Cube while in Adelaide […] Read more…

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Holidaying in Adelaide – everything you MUST do while you’re here!

By Kim Lamb Original post on Eat Play Love Travel Regular Adelady lovers will know that I grew up in Adelaide but now live on the Eastern seaboard. (Yes, I’m one of those people – Adeladies, please don’t peg me with tomatoes). When my fellow New South Welshians find out that I’m from Adelaide, I’m […] Read more…

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This is how you spend 48 Hours in the Barossa!

By Kim Lamb Original post on Eat Play Love Travel Whenever I tell a Sydneysider that I’m originally from Adelaide, I can telepathically predict what will follow… First, they’ll ask me if I’ve ever been to Snowtown. Eye roll. Move on tots. Next they’ll ask me if I’ve ever been to the Barossa. Eye roll. […] Read more…

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6 of South Australia’s best winery lunch spots

By Kim Lamb Original post on Eat Play Love Travel If I knew I only had one more day left on earth, I would in all probability spend it lunching at a winery with friends. Either that or going on a NASA mission to space. Given I most likely wouldn’t pass the medical on the […] Read more…

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Top 5: New Adelaide Bars

By Kim Lamb Just like when your husband unpacks the dishwasher, finding new Adelaide bars is something I secretly pine for now living in Melbourne. In fact, you’ll often find me talking about this street called Peel to my Melburnian work colleagues, those who’ll make eye contact with me on the tram, the lady down […] Read more…

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4 of my fave things to do in McLaren Vale

By Kim Lamb I grew up living 10 minutes from McLaren Vale, with a winery and the beautiful view of vines over the back fence. While I feel this was so wasted on a 10-year-old, there is also something instinctively homely to me about a vineyard. Now as a self-confessed wine-guzzling adult, McLaren Vale holds […] Read more…

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By Kim Lamb Nearly two years ago, I became one of those people and emigrated across the border into that horrible land called Victoria. As punishment for my Adelaide deflection, I’m haunted religiously by many fond food memories. With all its fresh produce, Adelaide is a delicious, delectable city with too many culinary exploits to […] Read more…

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By Kim Lamb A new store has just opened and I cannot contain my excitement! No, it’s not COS or Sephora or H&M. It’s a 24-hour Wendys in Bordertown. I’m like a pig in a chocolate milkshake, because it’s one more food option on a 736-kilometre stretch of road that I know intimately well (and a […] Read more…

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By Kim Lamb My husband has a serious addiction. It’s not alcohol, drugs or PlayStation. It’s surfing! His life is ruled by the rhythm of the ocean. At the peak of his addiction, he’s awake at 5am on the weekends, eagerly checking the surf conditions. This is coming from a guy who Monday to Friday […] Read more…

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By Kim Lamb Having grown up in the leafy Adelaide surrounds, South Australia is as familiar to me as the musky scent of my Grandpas’s aftershave. I know that Cafe de Vili’s is the place to go for a 3am craving of chips and gravy. I know that February in Adelaide is just as good […] Read more…

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Adelaide Hills’ Winter Reds Weekend 2016: 7 reasons to go

By Kim Lamb Adelaide Hills’ Winter Reds Weekend 2016: 7 reasons why you must go This is the third year in a row that I’ll be flying back to Adelaide for a special event marked on my calendar with little Crayola Mini Stamper hearts. It’s not my mum’s birthday or even my birthday for that […] Read more…

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Adelaide Wine Bars you should visit

  By Kim Lamb A good wine bar in Melbourne is about as foreign as Kurt Tippett is now to a Crows fan. They’re rare to find and very much considered a novelty. So in between embracing a grungier night scene, I still pine for the likes of Clever Little Tailor and Barbushka. Cool little Adelaide […] Read more…

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