Jenna is the face and owner behind Le Pink Petite Patisserie. She wants to welcome you into her little parisian-inspired French secret garden of cake. She’s a passionate perfectionist and addicted to the kitchen and her copper pots. Every night, she dreams about the next meal she wants to create.

She also has a French-inspired food blog called “Jenna’s Parisian Kitchen” and updates it regularly on her own experience on French culture and recipes. While in Paris, she started writing a book and can’t wait to bring it to life.

Le Pink Petite Patisserie is inspired by her best friend and soulmate, her late mother-in-law, Shirley. Shirley and her partner, Elisabetta, shared a unique couture dress making business called “Eliza French”. They had a dream, a vision and a passionate affair with fashion. Shirley taught her everything from the ground upwards. “She pushed me to my own limitations of what I am capable of, now and forever she is everything I stand for”, Jenna says.

“Food is my world; my ultimate passion that feeds my soul; it’s what makes me breathe.”