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One of the simple pleasures in life is watching your kids enjoying experiences and one of the greatest things about them getting older is that you can spend quality time together doing things that you can both enjoy.

It’s pretty cool when those school holidays plans start to morph into your own list of things you’ve wanted to try.

Here’s a little sneak peak of what’s on our list,  we might even tick some of them off these holidays!

1. Tree Climb :: INSTAGRAM ::

2. Indoor rock climbing at Latitude (now called Bounce) :: INSTAGRAM ::

Picture credit :: Bounce Inc. (Latitude)

3. VR escape room :: FACEBOOK ::

4. Adelaide oval roof climb :: INSTAGRAM ::

5. Project Break

Depending on age, this is one experience that will need adult consent, which is all the excuse you need to go along.

6. Shanx :: INSTAGRAM ::

7. Indoor Paintball

Picture credit :: Skirmish SA

8. The Regal Theatre Cinema :: INSTAGRAM ::

Picture credit :: The Regal Theatre

9. Kingpin Bowling :: INSTAGRAM ::


We’re not sure who’s going to have more fun, us or them! Next we might have to do a list of the closest burger and pizza places to these experiences and make a real day of it x

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