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The current cost of living has us forking out the dough at a sickening rate. Basic necessities like groceries, petrol and electricity have got us all feeling the pinch (which feels more like a punch in the face to be honest)… and don’t even get me started on interest rates! As a result, these days we need to be really mindful about how we spend our hard earned money. 

Unfortunately, eating out is a luxury that many people have had to reconsider, particularly when it involves paying the bill for a whole family. Boy does it add up quickly by the time everyone orders a meal and a drink! It’s also particularly frustrating when the kids pick a few measly chips from their plate and waste the rest. Money straight down the drain — grrrrrr!

But the thing is, I LOVE eating out, and I don’t want to stop doing it! (Stomps foot like a toddler). There HAS to be a way around this. (Crosses arms and pouts). ‘Hmph!’

Well guess what? I put my little tantrum to good use and made it my personal mission to find us all a solution. The answer, my friends, is to jump on board the ‘kids eat free’ train! Toot-toot! 

Image Credit :: TGI Fridays Australia 

I’ve found a heap of places in Adelaide that have designated nights where kids eat free… and guys — it’s a total game changer! The general rule of thumb with this offer is that for every adult meal purchased, you’ll get a kids meal for free. It just makes eating out as a family SO much more affordable! Mum and Dad get a night off cooking, no one needs to do any dishes and the kids get an outing to break up the week. Sounds like a winner-winner-chicken-dinner situation to me!

Here’s a list of places currently offering a ‘kids eat free’ deal in Adelaide. We’d love to know if we’ve missed anywhere!

(Please check with venues directly for terms and conditions, offers may vary and change). 

Image Credit :: Eureka Tavern


Playford Tavern – Davoren Park 

Kids eat free every night


Settlers Tavern – Ingle Farm 

Kids eat free Monday nights


Hotel Enfield – Enfield 

Kids eat free Wednesday & Thursday nights


Hampstead Hotel – Collinswood 

Kids eat free Friday nights

Image Credit :: Hampstead Hotel


The Village Tavern – Golden Grove 

Kids eat free Wednesday nights


Eureka Tavern – Salisbury 

Kids eat free Sunday & Monday nights


Angle Vale Tavern – Angle Vale 

Kids eat free Sunday & Monday nights


The Willaston Hotel – Willaston 

Kids eat free Monday & Tuesday nights

Image Credit :: The Willaston Hotel




Parkside Hotel – Parkside 

Kids eat free Mondays & Tuesdays from 12pm – 9pm


Earl of Leicester Hotel – Parkside 

Kids eat free Tuesday nights


Diamond Burger – Glenunga 

Kids eat free Tuesday nights

Image Credit :: Diamond Burger 


The Highlander Hotel – Gilles Plains 

Kids eat free Monday & Tuesday nights


Paradise Hotel – Paradise 

Kids eat free Monday & Tuesday nights

Image Credit :: Paradise Hotel



Tonsley Hotel – Tonsley 

Kids eat free Tuesday nights


The Belair Hotel – Blackwood 

Kids eat free Monday nights


Mick O’Shea’s – Hackham 

Kids eat free Thursday nights


Jimmy Deane’s – Noarlunga Downs 

Kids eat free Fridays & Saturdays

Image Credit :: Jimmy Deane’s


The Duck – Coromandel Valley 

Kids eat free Thursday nights


TGI Fridays – Marion and Tea Tree Plaza 

Kids eat free Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights




The Glenelg Club – Glenelg 

Kids eat free Monday & Tuesday nights


Charlie’s Diner at Brighton Metro  – Brighton 

Kids eat free Monday & Tuesday nights

Image Credit :: Brighton Metro Hotel


The Woodville Hotel – Woodville South 

Kids eat free Monday nights.




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