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With Dry July just around the corner, you may be one of the thousands of Aussies taking part this year and keeping an eye out for some non-alcoholic options to help you make it through the month!

Luckily, the South Australian drinking scene is booming right now with alcohol-free wines, sparklings, ciders and spirits! These delicious alternatives from SA beverage brands will make Dry July a total breeze, they may even inspire an ongoing lifestyle change!

Let’s get sippy with it…


Sparkling, Spirits and Aperitifs — oh my! Polka are all about utilising the top quality South Australian grapes and native botanicals to create a drink range that is delish, sophisticated and will have you coming back for more. Keep an eye out for their Dry Red offering — coming soon!

Image Credit :: POLKA

Hardys ZERO Alcohol Collection 

Hardys new range of non-alcoholic drinks, aptly named the ZERO range, is created using state-of-the-art technology to gently remove the alcohol. That way there is no compromise on taste. So if you fancy yourself a bit of a wine aficionado, you can still enjoy a glass of fine flavour!

Image Credit :: Hardy’s Wines 

Maggie Beer Non Alc Sparkling Chardonnay or Sparkling Ruby Cabernet

They aren’t just non-alcoholic, they’ve got no added sugar too — the ultimate non-indulgent indulgence! The Maggie Beer sparkling range is the perfect refresher, particularly for a warm day of drinking with friends and family!

Image Credit :: Maggie Beer 

Barossa Wine Cartel No, No. Rose 

This may only be Barossa Wine Cartel’s second attempt at an alcohol-free option, but just like their debut non-alcoholic rosé in 2022, the 2023 edition has been a total success! Made up of 50-year old Semillon from Vine Vale and 50 year old Reisling from Greenock, this vino is top quality and will have you feeling completely involved in all drinking social situations and events.

Image Credit :: Barossa Wine Cartel

Twenty Third Street Distillery’s Non-Alcoholic G&T

These babies are a fave in the Adelady office! Presented in adorable lil’ cans, they pack a refreshing punch of flavour despite the zero alcohol content. Perfect for pres, parties, BBQs and more (workday arvo pick-me-up anyone?), you need to pick up a 4 pack of these master-distilled brews asap!

Image Credit :: Twenty Third Street Distillery

The Hills Cider Company — Non-Alcoholic Apple  

Alcohol free. No added concentrate, flavours or sugars. Vegan-friendly. Gluten free! The Hills Cider Company’s alcohol free apple ciders are made from 100% fresh, Aussie grown apples so they’ve got just as much flavour and crispness as their regular range. They’ve even got a lemon and rosemary edition to keep things exciting!

Image Credit :: The Hills Cider Company 

Violet 7 Non-Alcoholic Collection 

Just as delicious as it is pretty, Violet 7’s non-alcoholic offering is a botanical-infused beauty. The stunning colour is created when white wine is infused with organic, plant-based ingredients and botanicals. Once the alcohol is removed you are left with a silky smooth mouth feel, beautiful flavours and a super unique drinking experience!

Image Credit :: Violet 7 


If going totally alcohol free is a little too daunting for you at this stage, I’ve got just the beverage range for you. Hey Low are all about distilling botanicals, layers of citrus and hints of tropical fruits to create a complex and delicious low-alcohol content option. Drink more and feel better – we love it!

Image Credit :: Hey Low Spirits

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