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How great is it to be a woman in sport these days? The Equal Rights flag is flying high and women are SMASHING it in the Women’s Big Bash League. We’re 100% behind any little Adelady who wants to follow her sporting dreams, and there’s nothing better than getting your girlfriends together to go cheer on one of the most exciting games that Adelaide has to offer.

But who are we to hand out advice when the only “sport” we do is the occasional pilates?! So, instead we’ve enlisted the help of New Zealand player and WBBL Adelaide Striker, Sophie Devine! With the Big Bash League about to kick off, Sophie has kindly shared her words of wisdom on how to smash it in women’s sport!

7 tips from an Adelaide Striker on how to smash it in women’s sport

1) Keep connected with your teammates! High-fives, shoulder taps or unique handshakes are all awesome ways to stay in touch and build team morale.

2) At the start of each season have a couple of goals of what you might want to achieve — it doesn’t always have to be about winning — it could be about learning a new skill or pushing yourself with your fitness.

3) Try not to take things too seriously… at times, you can cop a lot of pressure being in sport and you might feel like you’re always being judged! But remember that sport should be fun, so if you’re ever in a stressful moment, think about why you started playing in the first place.

4) Ignore negative social media, remember it’s just one person’s opinion.

5) Have a hobby outside of your sport — whether its reading a book, watching Netflix or playing another sport. It gives you a chance to take not just a mental break, but a physical one as well.

6) Having a rest day is sometimes just as important as doing a session. Your body needs a chance to relax and recover so listen carefully to what it might be telling you.

7) Find someone you trust that could help act as a mentor — they can be a great support when things are tough.

As the weather warms up, so does the cricket season, and we are so excited for the FANTASTIC FRIDAY WBBL game on Friday 21 December, at Karen Rolton Oval! For all of the WBBL fixtures, just HEAD HERE

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