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If you’re ever hosting, you need to know about Olga’s Fine Foods — and the hacks that come with them.

The best part about hosting a party is hosting the party! The worst part is spending time slaving away in the kitchen instead of mingling with your fave people. Olga’s Fine Foods solves that problem for you, with a range of high-quality, ultra-delicious products that can be enjoyed solo or jazzed up to create something fancy.

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Olga’s Fine Foods was the first in Australia to sell the chevapchichi to supermarkets in the 1970s, and in 2024 is celebrating 50 years of their most guarded recipe. “When I think back to my childhood, watching my mother packaging up chevapchichis is one of my earliest memories. I still remember walking into a supermarket and seeing her name on the shelves and being so proud of her,” smiles George Ujvary, the son of Olga and the current Managing Director of this thriving South Australian business.

While their chevaps are still their heart-and-soul product, Olga’s Fine Foods has branched out to create other delectable treats that we just can’t get enough of. Sausages, chicken schnitzels, chicken and lamb yiros meat, burgers, salmon patties, chicken patties, an incredible multi-purpose seasoning range… and that’s just scratching the surface! “We want you to take your weekly favourites and use them to impress your friends. Our products aren’t just weeknight staples, they’re the show stoppers at your next long lunch or dinner!” says George.

To prove George’s point, we took some of Olga’s Fine Foods much-loved products, which are conveniently available in your local supermarket and created a luxurious lunch spread, filled with hacks and tips to get the most out of the range. When food’s this good, it’s an everyday and in every way kind of thing!


Spread caramelised onion jam on some puff pastry, then top with Olga’s Beef Chevapchichis. Roll up and cut into bite-sized sausage rolls, brush with egg wash, sprinkle with sesame seeds and then bake until golden and cooked through.


Cook some Chicken Patties or the new Salmon Patties, and set out with buns, and all the toppings your heart desires so your family and friends can make their own!


Top the cooked Olga’s Gourmet Chicken Schnitzels with tomato passata and parmesan cheese. Grill until cheese is melted.


A great way to feed a crowd — cook up Olga’s Chicken or Lamb Yiros and serve on a wooden board with yiros bread, tzatziki and fresh salad toppings.


Toss some cooked prawns in Olga’s Iconic Barbecue Seasoning and serve while piping hot. Mini flavour bombs!


Cut up Olga’s Beef Chevapchichis and brown with chopped onion. Add your favourite tomato pasta sauce, toss with some cooked pasta and fresh basil. Voila!


Top a crunchy roll with cooked Olga’s Gourmet Chicken Patties, salad and a herby mayonnaise and you’ve got lunch sorted. These chicken patties are sold nationwide, so you’ll find them with ease!


Roll up chevapchichis into meatballs and brown in a pan, then toss with a packet of Mongolian sauce.



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