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If my family is ever given the choice of what they want for lunch or dinner, the unanimous response is almost always, ‘DUMPLINGS!’ But that’s understandable right? I mean — what’s not to love?! 

Dumplings are like little parcels of joy, pinched together like pillowy presents and bursting with hidden goodness. There are so many styles, so many flavours and SO many amazing places to devour them in Adelaide. 

If you’re like me and get regular cravings for some tummy grumbling, chopstick fumbling, (waistline humbling), delectable dumplings — here’s our list of top 10 places in Adelaide to try. I guarantee they’ll have you fist pumping and booty krumping until you eat so much you’ll be kinda stumbling! Don’t try and say THAT with a mouthful! 

Dumpling City – Field Street

These traditional Chinese dumplings are made fresh in-house every day. In their opinion, a quality dumpling should have fresh ingredients and a ‘thin skin’. If you’re lucky, you may be able to sneak a peek at the dumpling making process in action behind the counter. They make it look so easy!

Honey Bang Bang – Littlehampton

At Adelady, it doesn’t take much to twist our arms and have us beelining up the freeway to Honey Bang Bang. Their whole menu is to die for, but you could honestly just go and eat your bodyweight in their crab and prawn dumplings with chilli oil and Chinese cabbage. Start the car!

Mumpling Dumpling & Boba – Unley Shopping Centre

Mumpling Dumpling offers all your traditional flavoured dumplings, but will also introduce you to a VERY special guest star — the cheeseburger dumpling! Guys — they serve them over fries, drizzled with Sriracha mayo and garnished with spring onions and sesame seeds. Can I get an AMEN?! All their dumplings are made in-house by hand and so is their chilli oil. Yummo!

Image Credit :: Mumpling

Dumpling King – Unley, Park Holme, Newton & Grote Street 

If you want a casual meal with quick service and generous helpings that won’t break the bank — Dumpling King is your place! This family favourite dumpling haunt has an extensive menu and caters to everyone’s tastes.

Image Credit ::: Dumpling King

Mandoo – Bank Street

These Korean dumplings (or Mandoo, as they are traditionally called) will have you shamelessly salivating. Choose whether you want them fried or steamed (or a mixture of both). You’ll see them being handmade before your eyes… and they’ll see them disappear from your table as quickly as they were put down!

Image Credit :: Mandoo

Moon Bear Dumpling Co. – Fulham

At Moon Bear you’ll discover handmade creations inspired by Taiwanese flavours. There’s nothing like finding a hidden gem in the ‘burbs, particularly when the food and service is top notch!

Image Credit :: Moon Bear Dumpling Co 

Finally, quite a few of us here at Adelady are Yum Cha enthusiasts — and anyone who’s experienced quality Yum Cha dumplings knows there is NO going back. I could eat those slippery little suckers every day for the rest of my life! We’ve narrowed down our favourite Yum Cha venues in Adelaide where we promise you the dumplings are finger licking, (top button releasing) good!

Citi Zen – King William Street

Empress Restaurant – Greenhill Road

Image Credit :: Empress Restaurant 

Star House Chinese Restaurant – Gouger Street 

Ding Hao – Wright Street

See you on the dumpling circuit friends!


Carrie Raymond

Carrie Raymond

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