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Are you ready to sink your teeth into Adelaide’s hottest sandwich spots? From the super on-trend deli-style sandwiches to gourmet creations, we’ve scoured the city to bring you the coolest sandwich joints around. So loosen your belt buckle and get ready to embark on a tasty adventure!

Pinco Deli

Pinco Deli is the hot new spot on Glen Osmond Road serving up Italian-inspired sarnies, focaccias and top quality Willow Blend coffee. All of their offerings are beyond impressive but #4 has my heart well and truly — warm toasty focaccia, mortadella, salami, provolone, mayonnaise, tomato, pickled giardiniera and basil (plus I always add chilli paste). Droolingggggg.

Image Credit :: Pinco Deli

Just Down the Road

These guys are all about loading a sandwich – the thicker the better, which we can definitely get around! Located on Greenhill Road, JDTR has an impressive sanga menu with options to suit every set of tastebuds and dietary preferences. Get in to check out their ever-changing daily special!

Image Credit :: Just Down the Road

Bottega Bandito

Located in the heart of Prospect, Bottega Bandito is inspired (but not bound) by tradition. They offer up classics sandwiches with their own unique twist plus fresh local coffee that’ll have you coming back for more every time. Make sure to try their Sandwich of the Month every Friday — their May Meatball Sub Sando was insane and I can’t wait to try June’s special!

Image Credit :: Bottega Bandito

Dante’s Deli

Dante’s is the brand new offering on Jetty Rd, serving up Italian-inspired deli sandwiches, fresh pastries and Hark coffee. Having only opened in April, Dante’s is already neighbourhood fave – and it all makes sense once you get your teeth around their sangas.

Image Credit :: @kiarapericleous 

Carton Deli 

Tucked in on the corner of Hindmarsh Square and Pulteney Street is this beautiful light-filled deli. Carton opene their doors in 2022 and is already the go-to for city workers and dwellers alike. They specialise in all variations of sandwich from burgers to rolls and toasties to baguettes.

Image Credit :: Carton Deli

Our Boy Roy

Our Boy Roy is a Clarence Park icon despite having only opened their doors in November of last year. The ultra modern space is filled with smells of the delicious menu items, including (but definitely not limited to)  a Chicago-inspired beef roll, a sando overflowing with mortadella, a classic Rueben with a Roy’s Secret Sauce twist and even a meatball and sugo sub.

Image Credit :: Our Boy Roy


Onto the sandwich craze long before it was trending, Lucia’s have been serving up their classic Italian sarnies for years and are an Adelaide staple. You choose your base — panino, focaccia, croissant, bagel or roll — and then get loading with plenty of fresh meat and veggie fillings to choose from.

Image Credit ::  @between_mouthfuls

Gang Gang

Ganga Gang Parkside is just around the corner from the Adelady office, making it equal parts convenient and dangerous. We all have our fave takeaway sandwich from the groovy spot from the Tokyo Drift (Katsu) Sando to The Swiss, but my go to is always the Gambino — mushies, bacon, cheddar and egg — bloody yum.

Image Credit :: Gang Gang Co


All about the art of fried chicken, Motherlode on Hindley Street, is the place to find the ultimate chicken sando. It’s hard to go past The Classic on their menu — a ciabatta roll loaded with buttermilk fried chicken nuggets, pink onions, crispy lettuce, toasted sesame and kewpie mayo — but their vego alternative, the Cauli Power, is a serious must-try as well.

Image Credit :: Motherlode 


They opened their doors late last year, and we were lucky enough to sample their goods from the beginning. Bluprint are located at the bottom of the Santos building and offer city-dwellers and visitors delicious options for brekky, lunch and dinner. Get in at lunch for their absolutely killer sandwiches, made with fresh and local produce and toasted to perfection.

Image Credit :: Bluprint 

Bonus!!! Coming soon … Aye Frank

Be one of the first to try what is guaranteed be one of the coolest spots around… Opening on June 15 in Flinders Park, Aye Frank will be all about unique Italian-inspired paninis and the highest quality coffee going round. Plus the owners, Frankie and Matthew, have managed to include their passion for music in their new project with an actual recording studio in the venue!

Image Credit :: Aye Frank

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