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Fun to say and fun to eat, we’ve recently discovered this French-German take on pizza.

When Karin and John Greenslade stopped by the Adelady office to make us some Flammekueche (pronounced as “flama-coosh”), we were sceptical. However, after eating 12 slices each, it’s safe to say our minds were changed.

Exceptionally light with a satisfying crunch to the base, Flammekueche is a quick and easy snack, starter, lunch or dinner that the whole family will love. Best enjoyed with friends and a cold glass of wine or beer in hand, this traditional dish from the French-German border region definitely has the wow factor — without any effort or fuss.

South Australian local John, and his German wife Karin, introduced Flammekueche to Australia under the brand Tarte Gourmet and they’ve worked hard to make sure it’s now available to South Aussies. You’ll find packs of five online and in selected specialty stores around Adelaide.

If you want to try before you buy, you’ll also find Flammekueche at local wineries all over South Australia and if your local watering hole hasn’t heard of them yet, show them this article. They really are the perfect snack to enjoy with a wine.

So, what makes this base so special? “It’s basically just flour, water, oil and salt, but the secret is how thin it is and how crispy it becomes once baked. It’s a really lovely flavour carrier, so you can put whatever you want on top,” says Karin. And she’s absolutely right — these bases are yeast-free and aren’t carb-loaded or heavy, so you don’t feel like you’ve overindulged after a Flammekueche feast.

How do you Flammekueche?

Traditionally, Flammekueche is topped with a sour cream and garlic base (the oils lusciously soak into the base while cooking), as well as speck, onion and a little cheese, before being baked really quickly for about four minutes. The beauty of Flammekueche though, is you can make it your own!

Our favourite toppings so far are:

• Sour cream, goat’s cheese, figs and honey.
• Tomato passata, salami and cheese.
• Sour cream, mushroom, spinach and gouda.
• Tomato passata, mushroom and cheese.
• Sour cream, pear, blue cheese, walnuts and thyme.
• Sour cream, apple and cinnamon.

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