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We hear you — parenting is a beautiful but challenging gig and sometimes, a few extra hurdles get thrown in.

As a mama of a little guy who needs a leg up, I know that a dash of guidance can make the world of difference for the whole fam. The legends at local clinic Talkative Allied Health are ready, arms open, to be that shining light.

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Does your littlie struggle with speech delays, stuttering, or swallowing issues? Did they have trouble transitioning to solids or maybe they’re a fussy eater? Using evidence-based strategies, the Talkative team works with infants from around six weeks to 18 years to help with all these types of challenges, plus social skill development, dyslexia, auditory processing disorder and even voice therapy.

The team is led by Senior Speech Pathologist Kat Bray, a former primary school teacher who has worked with the Bachelor and Master of Speech Pathology cohort for six years. Her knowledgeable team is passionate about helping each child and their family to thrive.

Let’s talk ‘how’

“Children do their best learning when they feel happy and safe. We tap into their personal interests — Star Wars, footy, unicorns, you name it — to make it fun and exciting to build their skills, confidence and resilience in a way that translates to everyday life,” Kat says.

And, the team has a range of group therapies. The Kids In The Kitchen program works with small groups to assist with things like fussy eating, following instructions, sensory regulation, trying new foods, getting messy, setting a table and enjoying the social aspect of meals. They even work with older kids in practical situations in the community.

“It’s making situations that can feel overwhelming do-able, which can be life-changing for young people. Our work encourages young people to interact in their community with confidence,” Kat says.

Let’s talk ‘why’

The core of this learning hotpot is a personal touch and individualised approach — the team embrace each family, leading to more motivated, confident and happy little people.

As Kat says: “Every child who walks through our doors is celebrated as an individual. We help build upon our clients’ strengths, so they can be the best version of themselves and feel amazing.”

5 reasons we LOVE Talkative Allied Health:

1. Fuzzy feels :: They love what they do and embrace your little ones.

2. Big picture :: The whole family’s needs are taken into account.

3. Breathing room :: They never book sessions back to back.

4. Tailored to you :: They tap into what makes your child tick.

5. Treasure trove :: They have oodles of resources to keep curious minds focused.

No one is more you than you, and we love the Talkative team for helping our kids seize this with both hands.

Em xx


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