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Are you ready for it?

Rumi On Louth’s owner and visionary, Che Metcalfe, is beyond excited to open the doors and welcome guests to experience Australia’s first ever luxury eco-friendly private island resort. This is enormous for South Australian tourism and we got to sit down with Che to find out why it’s so special…

Che, your background in telecommunications and media is quite different from the world of eco-private islands. What led you to start your own resort?

It’s a combination of my passion for building things, my love for continuous learning and a lifelong dream. The inspiration for Rumi on Louth stems from the incredible beauty and potential of Louth Island itself. I felt a deep responsibility to share this stunning piece of nature with the world.

What can guests expect with Rumi Reveal?

Rumi Reveal is a prelude to the grand opening of Rumi on Louth, slated for 2025. It’s an invitation for guests to peek behind the veil and experience a glimpse of what will be on offer with the full resort. Rumi Reveal offers a mix of immersive experiences and luxury two-night stays. From catamaran cruises and a six-course degustation in our fine-dining restaurant to island tours in a buggy, kayak fishing expeditions and beach picnics — it’s an extraordinary adventure.

How will the full Rumi on Louth offering be different when it officially opens in 2025?

The full offering will also include a series of off-grid luxury eco-villas, an additional fine-dining restaurant, an exquisite day spa and further immersive activities that grant access to the whole island.

We’ve heard rumours of the ‘Dawn to Dusk’ and ‘Noon to Nightfall’ Voyage experiences that are actually available now! Tell us more…

The Luxe on Louth Voyages, by day or night, are filled with luxury and adventure. Guests tour the island via buggy to explore the ancient oasis of Louth Island, before indulging in a six-course degustation. And of course, they’ll get to spend time out on the water on our luxury catamaran Odyssey, while enjoying canapés and cocktails! It’s also a seamless journey with pick-up and drop-off services.

Retreat to Rumi offers a stay on the island. What makes this retreat so special?

This two-night stay in our beautifully crafted apartment or suites includes luxurious accommodation and a carefully curated itinerary of experiences. From breakfast to dinner, every moment is designed to showcase the beauty of Louth Island. The package includes all food and experiences and guests can opt for a Wednesday – Friday or Friday – Sunday booking and leave the ‘real world’ behind!

Louth Island has a rich history, starting as an untamed sheep farm in 1802. How does Rumi honour and preserve this history?

Rumi is not just a resort; it’s a restoration and preservation project deeply rooted in respect for the island’s two-century- long history. We are meticulous in our conservation efforts, committing to a $10 million restoration project.

How do you balance the development of a luxury resort with the preservation of the island’s ecology?

It’s a delicate balance and one we take very seriously. The key is to ensure that every decision aligns with our commitment to protect and preserve Louth Island. We’re not just building a resort; we’re creating an experience that harmonises with the untouched wilderness. Now we can all be part of the Rumi story. You’re invited to come along on Rumi’s journey and support the restoration and preservation of the island by becoming a Foundation Member. It’s completely free and grants you exclusive access to updates on the island’s progress, as well as offers and insights into the Rumi experience.

What are you waiting for? Book via their website now and be part of something incredible!



Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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